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Your research paper should include the following subheadings:

1. Background of the Theorist

2. Background on the Development of the Theory

3. Basic Concepts of the Theory

4. Summary of Current Research that uses the theory


You will compose an 8-page Research Paper (not including your title, abstract, or reference page) on a personality theory and personality theorist from the text. You will choose a topic from the list provided of approved theories and theorists. You will examine both the theorist and his/her theory of personality.

Please use at least 10 scholarly references for your paper. Five of these references should be scholarly journal articles. Websites, online dictionaries, or online encyclopedias may not be used in your Research Paper.

The paper should follow APA style and follow the specific directions outlined below.

A grading rubric is provided to ensure you follow the expectations of the paper. Submit your Research Paper no later than 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7. You do not need to submit the PDFs that you used as references for this assignment.

Title Page

Your title page should include a Running head in your header, flush left. It should be an abbreviated title and should not exceed 50 characters. The abbreviated title should be in all caps.

Each page, including your Title Page, should have a header (top right, right-aligned) along with the page number. In Microsoft Word, click Insert and then Header.


Your abstract should be on a new page and say Abstract (plain text) at the top, center of page 2. Use block format (not indented), should be between 150–250 words and should be a summary of your paper.

In-text citations

In-text citations are vital for your paper. You will need to cite any and all information or ideas that are not your own.

“If you directly quote, you will need quotation marks along with the page number at the end of the citation” (Gibson, 2010, p. 123). If you summarize a reference, then you do not need to include the page number at the end of the citation (Gibson & Stevenson, 2010). Both of the previous sentences are examples for you to help you correctly cite information.


You are welcome to use headings in your paper.

Reference Page

Make sure that your reference page says Reference(s) (plain text, centered) at the top of your Reference page.

Be sure that the references are in alphabetical order with hanging indentions. In Microsoft Word, you can highlight your reference, right click, click Paragraph, then in the Indention section of the box that opens, click Special and then select Hanging.

Be sure that your references are APA stylized and include where you obtained your reference from if it was obtained online.

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