Review the entire marketing plan.

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Review the entire marketing plan. Complete oe expand on any section that needs additional detail based on comments from collegues and instructor during phase 4.

In the Executive Summary section of your plan add a section titled Managing the Customer Relationship highlighting key points about how you will manage the customer relationship for the long term. Add the following detail to this section of the plain:

1. Explain how customer relationship management and how your selected company can use this important tool for a lifetime value. You're important to Us : Brainstorm 1 customized soical media/e-marketing program for the You're Important to Us section of the company's Website to appeal to current and new customers. For example: sharing information about the company and brand can continue the conversation and brand awarness wit the current and prospective customer.

2. Show It ! Cosider adding social media tools such as videos, coupons, and other discount and e.knowledge programs such as training video or how to do something such as a seminar or special event, assoicated with the brand to your company's Website. Create and share a short 1-2 minute video or screen shot of an existing creative idea the company currently uses. Share the link. Also if you create your own short video add the link to your final key assignment plan.

3. Customer Care: Add a section about product policies, detailing your product guarantee, return policy and customer service standards. Remember customer service programs including these important elements are critial to stay competitive in today's vitual environment. Add this section to the end of the Exective Summary of your company's final strategic plan. Organize the sections and edit and post a final draft of the plan.

4. State the qualitative or quantitative company goals and how you plan to advertise and promote this brand. How would you promote the brand? What would be your plans? For first advertisement it needs to be an advertisement in magazine. Advertisetment demonstrate to customers the value they would get from the product, and it grabs their attention and causes consumers to want to purchase the product. Stae what kind of advertistment will be used. Media calendar what kind of contest will be used ( Media calendar has to be used again).

5. Marketing and promotional methods will utilizein the Tactics Section of your final marketing plan. Target, competition and postioning of the product. Offer details that completly consist of how the product is made avaible for purchase, distribution and promoted in the market place.

6. Situational Analysis --- target market segments, demographic psychographics currwent enviornment.

7. Product Strategy --- product being sold, description of product.

8. Competitive---- strength, weakness, opportunites and threats ( SWOT) ANALYSIS

9. Customer Profile--- target the customer

10. Marketing Goals--- trying to accomplish

11. Marketing Objective--- how the marketing plan will meet the objective of the business plan.

12. Strategic Initiatives-- product is positioned in the market place and market space differentiation strategies, pricing and distribution.

13. Tatic--- promotional plan, advertising and promotional media plan

14. Budget--- 410 million advertising budet ( Media calendar)

15. Conclusion

2,000-- 3,000 words with references..........

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