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Read the article “Adult Education and the Social Media Revolution,” available in the eReserves section of the classroom. Pay particular attention to the references these authors make to the works of others. Every citation within this article is essentially a head nod to other authors who have written about the same or similar topics. Were they all in the same room, you could imagine the authors of this article pointing to or calling out those other authors while speaking. This is what we mean when we refer to research and writing as one big conversation, with all of the participants listening and responding to one another.

In a discussion post, point to three examples from this article in which the authors do one of the following:

  • refer to another work in order to give legitimacy to their own point;
  • refer to another work in order to build upon the ideas of others; or
  • refer to another work in order to challenge that work.

Explain why you’ve chosen these examples. Then, describe an example from your own life in which you rely upon the work of others to complete a task or accomplish a goal. (This example might be from your workplace, community, or academic life.)

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