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31. Top executives of an organization truly view the top HR executive as contributing to the strategic
success of the firm when they request the HR manager to
a. streamline the employee selection process.
b. improve the implementation of performance appraisals for supervisors.
c. evaluate potential merger candidates for organizational compatibility.
d. select a vendor for outsourcing benefits administration.
32. The roles played by HR management in the firm are being affected by all of the following EXCEPT
a. challenges of managing a more highly-educated workforce.
b. globalization of business.
c. cost reduction pressures.
d. organizational restructuring.
33. A key difference between operational HR management and strategic HR management is that
operational HR management is ____ and strategic HR management is ____.
a. planning-oriented, implementation-oriented
b. proactive, reactive
c. profit-focused, cost-focused
d. employee-focused, organization-focused
34. A rumor has been circulating at the largest law firm in the city that the partners are considering
outsourcing much of the work of the paralegals in the firm to a company in India. If you were a
paralegal at this firm, what would be your most appropriate attitude or action?
a. Relax. Work of this level of professionalism cannot be outsourced to a foreign firm.
b. Relax. Work that requires intimate knowledge of the U.S. legal system cannot be
c. Consider your options. Only occupations that are dying are considered for outsourcing.
d. Consider your options. The firm can generate huge labor cost savings by outsourcing your
35. Eclipse Executive Services offers ransom insurance policies for companies up to $10 million per
kidnapping. This is an example of a business opportunity generated by which one of the following HR
management challenges?
a. ethical challenges
b. economic and technological changes
c. workforce demographics and diversity
d. globalization of business
36. A large Japanese semiconductor manufacturer is building a manufacturing plant in central Texas. This
will increase the number of jobs in this central Texas area and make it more difficult for local firms to
fill open positions. This is an example of
a. in-shoring.
b. occupational shifting.
c. outsourcing.
d. repatriation of jobs.
37. The U.S. economy can be characterized as a/an ____ economy.
a. service
b. manufacturing
c. industrial
d. knowledge-based
38. Between now and 2010 the largest number of new jobs in the U.S. will be in
a. healthcare.
b. food-service.
c. professional occupations.
d. information technology.
39. Other than information technology occupations, between now and 2010 most of the fastest-growing
occupations will be in
a. manufacturing.
b. the public sector.
c. human resources.
d. health care.
40. Which of the following is TRUE about the U.S. educational system?
a. U.S. schools are graduating more engineers than can be used in the economy.
b. U.S. students outperform students in other, directly-competitive nations in math and
c. Wages are low in the U.S. manufacturing sector because of the excess number of people
with manufacturing skills seeking jobs.
d. U.S. workers are inadequately educated.
41. A major trend regarding diversity is that
a. more people classify themselves as multi-racial.
b. out of political and philosophical convictions many people refuse to classify themselves as
any racial or ethnic group.
c. because of the melting pot effect, there is less cultural and ethnic diversity in the U.S. as
time passes.
d. since the baby boomers are moving out of the workforce, the issue of aging workers will
be a non-issue in 10 years.
42. Temporary workers, independent contractors, part-timers and leased employees are collectively
referred to as
a. full-time-equivalent employees.
b. virtual employees.
c. contingent workers.
d. extra-organizational employees.
43. Which of the following is NOT a major reason why businesses use contingent workers?
a. to potentially avoid legal liability for workers
b. to stabilize the core workforce
c. to reduce compensation and benefit costs
d. to accommodate employee desire for flexible work schedules.
44. The improvement in communication technology has resulted in
a. increasing the number of hours worked per employee.
b. reduction of stress for workers.
c. better work-life balance for employees in professional occupations.
d. enabling management of virtual employees.
45. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a. Despite the many layoffs occurring in the last decade, the average age of the workforce is
b. Because of the many early retirement programs instituted in the last decade, the average
age of the workforce is younger.
c. Variation of ages in the workplace is not considered “diversity” in the same sense that
variation by race and gender is considered “diversity.”
d. As the workforce ages, the need for diversity training is decreasing due to the
psychological maturity of the older workforce.
46. Flexible hours, job-sharing, child-care referral services, and flexible leave programs are all examples of
a. executive perks.
b. retention programs based on work/family concerns.
c. anti-unionization programs.
d. programs mandated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.
47. Claude is the HR manager for a pharmaceuticals firm. One of his top salespersons, Agatha, has twin
boys under age 2. Despite the fact that Agatha has a full-time nanny, it is obvious that she is
overwhelmed by the demands of her work and her personal life. Claude’s main concern in this case is
a. how to persuade Agatha to resign without violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
b. getting Agatha to refocus on her career through motivational training.
c. retaining Agatha as an employee.
d. whether Agatha will file an FMLA lawsuit.
48. Wal-Mart’s single-minded focus on lowest prices has had the all the following HR ramifications
a. Wal-Mart’s competitors have had to follow the “cost-less” strategy.
b. Wal-Mart competitors have moved to using virtual employees.
c. Wal-Mart vendors have had to outsource their manufacturing processes to overseas
d. Wal-Mart vendors have had to cut jobs and close factories.
49. Which of the following activities is NOT usually associated with organizational "rightsizing"?
a. outplacing workers
b. closing facilities
c. merging with other organizations
d. decreasing the span of supervision
50. The main pressure behind restructuring, rightsizing, and mergers and acquisitions has been
a. intense domestic competition.
b. obsolescence of plant and equipment in the U.S. manufacturing sector.
c. the drive to reduce costs.
d. the need for U.S. firms to increase in size to compete with international cartels.
51. As HR manager of a mid-sized auto parts manufacturing plant, your CEO has asked you to predict the
impact on the employees of a 20 percent layoff of hourly workers. You write the CEO a memo
including all of the following predictions EXCEPT
a. potential loss of employee loyalty.
b. increased turnover of layoff survivors.
c. increased workload on survivors.
d. productivity surge by survivors.
52. An integrated system providing information used in HR decision making is a/an
a. human resource administrative system
b. human resource operational system
c. human resource information system
d. human resource management system.
53. Which of the following HR management practices has NOT become web-based?
a. benefits enrollment
b. internal job posting
c. employee training
d. performance improvement counseling
54. In addition to administrative efficiency, the major reason for compiling data in HR management
systems is to
a. facilitate information-based HR decision making.
b. develop complete records about each employee.
c. strengthen the organization’s HRMS in comparison to its competitors’ HRMS functions.
d. allow HR departments to retain the HRMS function in-house rather than outsourcing it to
55. Eric belongs to an informal group of HR compensation executives from various industries who share
information and programs through a wiki. Eric and his colleagues are engaging in
a. collusion.
b. competition.
c. collaboration.
d. cronyism.
56. When HR professionals from different organizations work together to solve shared business problems
they are engaging in
a. collusive HR.
b. collaborative HR.
c. operational HR.
d. professional HR.
57. An organization’s initial use of an HRMS can be characterized as making HR ____ functions more
a. legal
b. strategic
c. administrative
d. advocacy
58. Ernest, the vice president of HR for the Legendary motel chain, has been on the HR side of the hotel/
motel industry for over 30 years. Ernest has become a prized partner with the top executives of the
Legendary corporation, and his advice is valued by the executives. Ernest prides himself on making
decisions based on his “gut” and his intuition honed over his career. Which of the following statements
is most likely to be TRUE?
a. Ernest will be easily impressed and influenced by strategic arguments based on analysis of
extensive HR data.
b. Legendary’s top executives will press Ernest to support his intuitive arguments with hard
c. Ernest would appreciate the efficiency aspect of HRMS more than the effectiveness aspect
of HRMS.
d. Legendary possesses a “state-of-the-art” HRMS system.
59. When allowing employee self-service options whereby employees can enter the organization’s HR
database and change their personnel records, enroll in benefit plans, and apply for posted jobs, a
critical concern is
a. training non-computer literate employees to use the system.
b. monitoring excessive employee use of the system.
c. overcoming internal HR management resistance to technology.
d. maintaining security of the system.
60. From an HR perspective, a compelling reason for an organization to maintain high ethical standards is
a. the reputation of the organization’s HR department in the profession.
b. the ability to attract and retain employees.
c. higher salaries for HR managers.
d. the ability to succeed in bids for governmental contracts.
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