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61. The ____ role of HR management has been increasingly outsourced, while the _________ role of HR
management is sometimes being give to senior executives without HR experience.
a. strategic, operational
b. advocate, operational
c. operational, administrative
d. administrative, strategic
62. Considering the trends in HR, current HR departments compared to departments of twenty years ago
a. tend to have larger staffs.
b. have more clerks than professional staff.
c. be less likely to be strategic partners with top management.
d. be more tightly linked with vendors of HR specialty services.
63. As the vice-president of HR for Woodmere Production, Inc., you are presenting a proposal to
Woodmere’s top management for outsourcing many of your department’s administrative HR functions
to vendors. You argue that HR vendors have greater expertise than your in-house staff and that
outsourcing will allow you to spend more time on the strategic aspects of HR. But, another key selling-point to top management will be
a. the reduction in labor costs in the HR department.
b. the prestige of retaining a world-class vendor.
c. the ability to have closer contact with HR’s true clients, the employees.
d. improvement in morale of HR staff.
64. Which of the following HR activities is MOST likely to be outsourced successfully?
a. 401k administration
b. risk management
c. union contract negotiations
d. performance management
65. Benjamin is an American engineer who is a consultant with a German engineering consulting firm.
Currently, Benjamin is assigned to a project in South Korea where he will live for the next year.
Benjamin is a/an
a. expatriate.
b. host-country national.
c. emigrant worker.
d. third-country national.
66. Recruiting and selecting employees for current openings are typical ____ HR activities.
a. employee advocacy
b. operational
c. strategic
d. administrative
67. Ensuring fair and equitable treatment for employees regardless of their personal background or
circumstances is associated with the ____ role of HR.
a. strategic
b. operational
c. employee advocate
d. administrative
68. Which of the following would NOT be identified as a typical HR operational activity?
a. government compliance
b. safety programs
c. compensation
d. partnering with top executives
69. Tyrone Toys is intensely focused on reducing labor costs. During a meeting of the executive
committee, a member suggests closing its unionized plant in Ohio and opening a non-union plant in
Mississippi. The executive vice president (EVP) of HR, who is a member of this committee, suggests
that the committee get legal advice in case Tyrone Toys would be subject to lawsuits by the union.
This interaction suggests that
a. HR is not a strategic partner in this firm because a plant closing is not a strategic decision.
b. HR is not a strategic partner in the firm because any suggestion about closing a plant
should properly come from HR, not another executive.
c. HR is a strategic partner in the firm because in this firm the EVP of HR is allowed to sit in
on important strategic meetings.
d. HR is a strategic partner in the firm because the EVP of HR is a permanent member of the
executive committee.
70. The HR management role that is most influential in reducing the number of employee lawsuits against
the company is the ____ role.
a. strategic
b. advocate
c. operational
d. administrative
71. Top executives of an organization truly view the top HR executive as contributing to the strategic
success of the firm when they request the HR manager to
a. streamline the employee selection process.
b. improve the implementation of performance appraisals for supervisors.
c. evaluate potential merger candidates for organizational compatibility.
d. select a vendor for outsourcing benefits administration.
72. The position of vice-president of HR is open in a large paper-products manufacturing company. Two
individuals are being considered, both from the internal HR function at the firm. The selection
committee wants the new vice-president to be a strategic contributor to the firm. All of the following
competencies are highly desirable EXCEPT
a. that the candidate understands the paper-products business in all aspects.
b. that the candidate be a highly detail-oriented person.
c. that the candidate demonstrate ethical behavior.
d. that the candidate be results-oriented.
73. Pauline is an employee of a large city. She is the lead negotiator for contracts between the city
government and the police and firefighters’ unions. Pauline is an HR
a. specialist.
b. technologist.
c. generalist.
d. interventionist.
74. The most common area for HR specialization is
a. EEO compliance.
b. labor/management relations.
c. benefits.
d. HR information systems.
75. The largest professional organization for HR generalists is
a. the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA).
b. the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).
c. the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).
d. the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
76. Emil is the assistant HR manager at a commercial construction company. Emil handles almost every
aspect of human resources at the company, from employee questions about benefits to holding exit
interviews. Emil is an HR
a. generalist.
b. specialist.
c. technologist.
d. unit manager.
77. The ____ sponsors the most well-known certification program for HR generalists.
a. Human Resource Certification Institute
b. International Personnel Management Association
c. World at Work Association
d. American Society for Training and Development
78. Gloria recently earned her bachelor’s in HR. She has just started her first exempt-level HR job. What
is the earliest time that Gloria can be certified as a PHR (assuming she has passed the PHR exam)?
a. after seven years of exempt-level HR experience
b. after four years of exempt-level HR experience
c. after two years of exempt-level experience
d. after one year of exempt-level experience
79. You are the director of HR for a medium-sized firm. You are looking to hire a benefits specialist. You
would prefer the individual to be certified in this field. Consequently, you will check applicant
resumés for these initials
a. OHST.
b. CEBS.
c. CCP.
d. GPHR.
80. HR professionals value their professional certification because
a. certification is required in order to hold an exempt-level position in HR.
b. most large organizations require certification for entry-level HR positions..
c. of the credibility certification gives them with peers and senior managers.
d. certification is viewed as the equivalent of a master’s degree in HR.
1. Intellectual capital is the thinking, knowledge, creativity, and decision-making that people in
organizations contribute.
2. The value of human capital is intangible and its contribution to the organization is not measurable,
even though it is of critical importance to the organization’s success.
3. HR management is exclusively concerned with activities and forces within the firm.
4. A manufacturer of heavy construction equipment is replacing a number of its assembly line employees
with a robotic assembly process. This would be termed organizational restructuring.
5. An organization’s reputation as “green” can assist in attracting, retaining and motivating employees.
6. Employee organizational commitment is the extent to which individuals feel linked to organizational
success and how the organization performs positively.
7. Despite all the media attention about major corporate ethical scandals, research has shown that fewer
than one-quarter of employees have seen an episode of misconduct in the last year.
8. Even though business is conducted globally by multi-national organizations, there are still significant
differences among nations in the laws governing business.
9. If an organization has a culture that allows or even encourages unethical behavior, it is likely that the
top leadership of the organization is at least partly responsible for the culture.
10. HR staff members are protected by whistle-blower statutes, so typically HR employees have no fears
of reporting ethical violations they observe.
11. A survey of HR professionals indicated that common ethical misconduct in HR activities included
favoritism in hiring and promotion as well as personal bias in performance appraisal and pay increases.
12. As a recruiter for DeeLish Candies, Inc., Joyce has noticed a number of applicants for positions at
DeeLish Candies who were laid off from one of its main competitors. This competitor recently
completed a major restructuring of the organization. Although Joyce has no direct information about
this competitor, she surmises that the restructuring was due to cost pressures. Joyce is probably correct
in her guess.
13. According to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act,, publicly traded companies are required to establish codes of
14. It is illegal for a firm to be hiring employees for some positions while simultaneously laying off
employees from other positions.
15. The fastest-growing occupations, such as veterinary technologists, are related to information
technology and health care.
16. If the U.S. educational system does not improve, U.S. employers will be forced to expand international
outsourcing of employees with degrees in computers, engineering, and health sciences..
17. Contingent workers have less legal protection regarding selection, discrimination, benefits, discipline
and termination than do regular employees.
18. By not providing contingent employees with health benefits, the employer can save 20-40% in labor
costs compared with regular employees.
19. Roger’s company is planning to open a branch of its manufacturing firm in Vietnam. The company
has little knowledge of Vietnamese culture, laws and business practices. Roger would be well-advised
to hire a host-country national to manage the new Vietnam branch.
20. African-Americans are the largest minority in the overall U.S. workforce.
21. Now that women make up almost 50% of the U.S. workforce, HR policies and practices supporting
work and family balance are less needed.
22. The upcoming “brain drain” as baby boomers age is expected to come about because boomers want to
leave the workplace entirely at retirement age, rather than continuing as mentors or part-time
contributors to the organization.
23. The initial purpose served by an HRMS in an organization is efficiency improvements in data
24. HR managers have found that tweets are too short to be useful communication tools with employees.
25. Human resource management is a technical discipline requiring specialized skills. Accordingly, all HR
activities should be carried out by HR professionals.
26. Because the core of HR management involves working with people one-on-one, the introduction of
web-based technology has had little impact on the day-to-day working lives of HR managers.
27. Employee self-service in an HRMS means that employees can handle all their interactions with HR
electronically without ever needing to interact face-to-face with an HR professional.
28. Key for a more positive view of HR is for HR to expand its expertise in legal compliance.
29. Most HR outsourcing is related to the administrative role of HR.
30. The top management team of an international chemical company is considering outsourcing some of
its HR functions. As a member of the HR staff who has been involved with top management in
strategic discussions about an upcoming acquisition, you ought to be updating your resumé because
you will probably be terminated.
31. Typical operational HR functions include legal compliance, processing applications, training
supervisors, and answering questions about wages and salaries.
32. Strategic HR is proactive rather than reactive in focusing on future business needs..
33. When EconoPharmCo acquired a competing chain of discount drug stores, the vice president of HR
was brought in to the executive committee for his input after the decision to acquire was made. The
executive committee wanted the HR vice president to make plans for workforce changes. This is an
example of HR as a strategic partner.
34. When hiring a benefits specialist for a large organization, the recruiter would be wise to look for a
professional with the GPHR certification.
35. Professional certifications are helpful for HR professionals because many people enter the field of HR
with limited formal HR training.
1. Discuss why ethical issues permeate HR management. What role does organizational culture play in
organizational ethics? What are typical ethical violations observed by HR managers? What are the
four elements of ethics programs?
2. What challenges face HR managers with regard to workforce availability and quality? What are
potential solutions?
3. Describe the major purposes of an HR management system (HRMS) in the organization. Give
examples of HRMS uses. What changes has this required for HR managers?
4. What are the three major roles of HR management? Which is/are the most affected by technology and
outsourcing? Which role is growing in importance?
5. Identify the key competencies needed by all HR professionals, and the additional competencies needed
by senior HR leaders.
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