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121) When a company views and organizes its marketing activities from only the consumer's
point of view, it is practicing societal marketing.
122) Seatbelts are considered to be salutary products.
123) Xorbate Blue is a relatively new food supplement that provides both high immediate
satisfaction and high long-run benefits. Xorbate Blue is best classified as a pleasing product.
124) When a company chooses what principle to follow on issues of ethics and social
responsibility, there are two common philosophies to use as guides: first, let the free market and
legal system decide, and second, let individual mangers and companies choose.
125) A company must lower its ethical standards to successfully conduct business in countries
with lower standards.
126) Briefly define the four marketing concepts
127) How do resellers answer criticism of the high costs of distribution?
128) Explain how marketers and marketing critics disagree about the psychological value of
129) Explain why most marketers avoid deceptive practices.
130) Why might salespeople use high-pressure selling tactics that do not lead to long-term
relationships with customers?
131) What are two risks a company takes when producing shoddy, harmful, or unsafe products?
132) Explain the practice of redlining and why it is criticized.
133) What is meant by cultural pollution? Give two examples.
134) Why are critics concerned about companies acquiring competitors?
135) Define the consumerism and environmentalism movements.
136) What is involved in pollution prevention? Give at least one example.
137) Why is environmentalism especially challenging for global marketers?
138) How is consumer-oriented marketing different from customer-value marketing?
139) Explain how a firm benefits from using sense-of-mission marketing.
140) How is the societal marketing concept related to marketing ethics?
141) Describe the ways marketing is accused of harming the consumer.
142) Describe the three different categories of deceptive marketing practices.
143) How do marketers respond to critics' accusations of planned obsolescence?
144) Identify the social costs of increased automobile ownership, and then describe two options
for restoring the balance between private and public goods. Give specific examples.
145) How do marketers respond to charges of "commercial noise"?
146) How do consumerism and environmentalism affect marketing strategies?
147) Discuss two components of the environmental sustainability portfolio.
148) Describe the five sustainable marketing principles.
149) Compare and contrast the four types of products in the societal classification of products.
Provide examples of each.
150) Compare and contrast the two common principles that can be used to guide companies and
marketing managers on issues of ethics and social responsibility.
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