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91) Which of the following is the best example of a desirable product?
A) healthy and delicious breakfast food
B) cigarettes
C) effective but bad-tasting medicine
D) junk food
E) dental insurance
92) In societal marketing, the ideal goal for companies is to turn all of their products into
________ ones.
A) salutary ones
B) desirable ones
C) pleasing ones
D) durable ones
E) serviceable ones
93) Maytag's front-loading Neptune washer provides superior cleaning and energy efficiency.
The Neptune washer is an example of a ________ product.
A) deficient
B) pleasing
C) salutary
D) desirable
E) satisfying
94) The challenge for makers of which type of product is to add long-run benefits without
reducing the product's pleasing qualities?
A) salutary
B) desirable
C) pleasing
D) durable
E) deficient
95) The challenge for makers of which type of product is to add some pleasing qualities so that it
will become more desirable in the consumers' minds?
A) salutary
B) desirable
C) pleasing
D) durable
E) aesthetic
96) Baker Enterprises produces several new products that have low appeal but may benefit
consumers in the long run. What is the most accurate classification of these products?
A) deficient
B) pleasing
C) salutary
D) desirable
E) unpleasing
97) Monica Carey is a conscientious marketing manager. Sometimes it is unclear what decisions
to make when she and her staff are faced with moral dilemmas. Monica and other managers
could create broad guidelines that everyone in the organization must follow in the form of
A) a company value statement
B) a company mission statement
C) a company vision statement
D) corporate marketing ethics policies
E) a financial statement
98) A company that produces and heavily markets cigarettes, with many promotions aimed at
young (although legal age) nonsmokers, most likely follows which of the following as a guiding
A) the philosophy that companies should have a social conscience
B) the philosophy that companies can do in good conscience whatever the market and legal
systems allow
C) the philosophy of environmentalism
D) the philosophy of consumer-oriented marketing
E) the philosophy of consumerism
99) Companies must decide what principle they should use as a guide on issues of ethics and
social responsibility. All of the following are common philosophies to accomplish this end
A) Let the free market decide.
B) Let the legal system decide.
C) Let society decide.
D) Let individual managers decide.
E) Let individual companies decide.
100) The American Marketing Association (AMA) has created a code of ethics that includes all
of the following ethical values EXCEPT ________.
A) honesty
B) fairness
C) openness
D) competitiveness
E) responsibility
101) Sustainable marketing calls for meeting the present needs of consumers and businesses
while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
102) The major criticisms of marketing include harming consumers through high prices,
deceptive practices, high-pressure selling, shoddy or unsafe products, planned obsolescence, and
poor service to disadvantaged countries.
103) Consumers can rarely buy functional versions of highly promoted branded products at
lower prices.
104) When responding to consumer complaints about high prices, marketers often explain that
consumers do not understand the costs involved that justify the prices.
105) Though marketers may make long-term gains with high-pressure selling tactics, this
approach can do serious damage to short-term customer relationships.
106) Jones Toy Company has been accused of producing shoddy and unsafe children's toys. If
Jones is typical of most companies, the complaints will center on manufacturer indifference,
increased production complexity, and poorly trained labor.
107) A common accusation aimed at consumer advertising is that it makes you buy things you
don't need.
108) Critics of marketing view consumer interest in material things as a natural state of mind and
a matter of false wants created by marketing.
109) Many marketers have been accused of overselling private goods at the expense of public
goods because many private goods require more public services that are usually not forthcoming.
110) Because some people view business as the cause of many economic and social ills,
movements have arisen to keep business in line. The two major movements have been
consumerism and effective marketing.
111) Consumerism's early beginnings were fueled by rising prices, conditions in the meat
industry, and scandals in the drug industry in the early 1900s.
112) Each basic consumer right has led to more specific proposals from consumerists, such as
nutritional and ingredient labeling.
113) Whereas environmentalists consider whether the marketing system is efficiently serving
consumer wants, consumerists are concerned with marketing's effects on the environment and
with the environmental costs of serving consumer needs and wants.
114) The management strategy of environmental sustainability focuses on developing ways to
sustain the environment while also producing profits.
115) In the progress toward environmental sustainability, a company must first strive for
pollution prevention and product stewardship before developing "beyond greening" plans.
116) Sustainable marketing consists of five principles: consumer-oriented marketing, customer-value marketing, innovative marketing, sense-of-mission marketing, and societal marketing.
117) Sunset Lawn Service puts most of its resources into value-building marketing investments.
The management at Sunset is practicing customer-value marketing.
118) New World Food Supplements continuously seeks real product and marketing
improvements. Obviously, New World is involved in consumer-oriented marketing.
119) A company that makes marketing decisions by considering consumers' wants and long-run interests, the company's requirements, and society's long-run interest must be practicing
consumer-oriented marketing.
120) In consumer-oriented marketing, a company defines its mission in broad social terms rather
than narrow product terms.
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