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61) Proposals related to the consumer's right to ________ include controlling the ingredients that
go into certain products and packaging as well as reducing the level of advertising "noise."
A) not buy a product that is offered for sale
B) expect the product to perform as claimed
C) be well informed about important aspects of the product
D) be protected against questionable marketing practices
E) influence products and marketing practices in ways that will improve the "quality of life"
62) Proposals related to the consumer's right to be informed including knowing all of the
following EXCEPT ________.
A) unit pricing
B) ingredient labeling
C) nutritional labeling
D) product freshness (open dating)
E) product safety
63) Proposals ________ include promoting the use of sustainable ingredients, recycling and
reducing solid wastes, and managing energy consumption.
A) related to the right to be informed
B) related to consumer protection
C) for preserving the world for future consumption
D) relating to quality of life
E) related to the right to charge any price for the product
Answer: C
64) ________ is an organized movement of concerned citizens and government agencies to
protect and improve people's living environment.
A) Consumerism
B) Environmentalism
C) Social responsibility
D) Enlightened marketing
E) Sense-of-mission marketing
65) The ________ in the United States came about because of concern for the loss of the
atmosphere's ozone layer, toxic wastes, litter, and the damage caused by strip mining and forest
A) first wave of modern environmentalism
B) second wave of modern environmentalism
C) current wave of environmentalism
D) second wave of consumerism
E) first wave of enlightened marketing
66) ________ is a management approach that involves developing strategies that both sustain the
environment and produce profits for the company.
A) Consumerism
B) New clean technology
C) Environmental sustainability
D) Social responsibility
E) Ethical decision making
67) Companies emphasizing ________ are developing "green marketing" programs that develop
ecologically safer products, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, more energy-efficient
operations, and better pollution controls.
A) pollution prevention
B) product stewardship
C) "beyond greening"
D) new clean technology
E) sustainability vision
68) All of the following are components of both internal and external "greening" and "beyond
greening" activities EXCEPT ________.
A) pollution prevention
B) product stewardship
C) environmentalism
D) new clean technology
E) sustainability vision
69) Nike produces PVC-free shoes, recycles old sneakers, and educates young people about
conservation, reuse, and recycling. Nike is using the most basic level of environmental
sustainability known as ________.
A) pollution prevention
B) product stewardship
C) new clean technology
D) "beyond greening"
E) redlining
70) All of the following are components of "green marketing" EXCEPT ________.
A) making safer products
B) cradle-to-cradle practices
C) recycling
D) biodegradability
E) pollution controls
71) Minimizing pollution from production and all environmental impacts throughout the full
product life cycle is called ________.
A) green marketing
B) design for environment (DFE)
C) product stewardship
D) environmental sustainability
E) pollution prevention
72) ABC, Inc. is currently designing a new product line with the goal of making each product
easy to recover, reuse, or recycle. ABC, Inc. hopes to recover many of these products when
they reach the end of their lifecycle and reuse components in new products. ABC, Inc. is in the
________ stage of environmental sustainability.
A) pollution prevention
B) new clean technology
C) product stewardship
D) beyond greening
E) sustainability vision
73) ________ involves thinking ahead in the design stage to create products that are easier to
reuse, recycle, or recover.
A) Pollution control
B) Design for environment (DFE)
C) Consumerism
D) Societal marketing
E) Strategic planning
74) Xerox Corporation's Equipment Remanufacture and Parts Reuse Program converts end-of-life office equipment into new products and parts. This not only helps sustain the environment,
but it is also highly profitable for the company. Such a practice is known as ________.
A) pollution prevention
B) green marketing
C) a sustainability vision
D) design for environment (DFE)
E) new environmental technology
75) Companies can develop ________, which serves as a guide to the future. It shows how the
company's products and services, processes, and policies must evolve and what new technologies
must be developed to get there.
A) new clean technology
B) cradle-to-cradle practices
C) pollution prevention
D) product stewardship
E) a sustainability vision
76) As international trade barriers come down and global markets expand, environmental issues
are having ________ impact on international trade.
A) a neutral
B) a positive
C) a decreased
D) a greater
E) more impact on cultural differences and less
77) The philosophy of ________ holds that a company's marketing should support the best long-run performance of the marketing system.
A) corporate social responsibility
B) environmentalism
C) the sustainable marketing concept
D) the free enterprise system
E) consumer-oriented marketing
78) All of the following are sustainable marketing principles EXCEPT ________.
A) consumer-oriented marketing
B) customer-value marketing
C) innovative marketing
D) value marketing
E) societal marketing
79) Jacob Engineering Group views and organizes its marketing activities from the viewpoint
of its buyers. Management works hard to sense, serve, and satisfy the needs of its well-defined
group of buyers. What does Jacob Engineering Group practice?
A) consumer-oriented marketing
B) societal marketing
C) sense-of-mission marketing
D) customer-value marketing
E) innovative marketing
80) Which sustainable marketing principle requires that a company seek real product and
marketing improvements?
A) consumer-oriented
B) innovative
C) customer-value
D) sense-of-mission
E) market-oriented
81) After Sony and Microsoft kicked the Mario out of Nintendo's GameCube in the Video Game
War of 2001, the smallest of the three game platform makers needed a new plan. The resulting
Wii system, with its intuitive motion-sensitive controller and interactive games, appealed not
only to teen boys but also to their sisters, moms, dads, and even grandparents. The system
immediately outsold both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This is a successful example of
________ marketing.
A) consumer-oriented
B) innovative
C) customer-value
D) societal
E) sense-of-mission
82) Some firms define their purpose in narrow product terms. Others that define their purpose in
broad social terms follow ________.
A) societal marketing
B) sense-of-mission marketing
C) consumer-oriented marketing
D) customer-value marketing
E) consumerism
83) Timberland employees get 40 hours paid leave each year to pursue volunteer projects. The
company runs a service day that hosts projects in 25 countries, and it supports a nonprofit that
brings young people into public service for a year. CEO Jeffrey Swartz sees such service as a
powerful differentiator for Timberland with its current and potential customers. Timberland
could be most accurately described as practicing ________.
A) consumerism
B) environmental sustainability
C) sustainability vision
D) innovative marketing
E) sense-of-mission marketing
84) Dove wanted to do more than just sell its beauty care products. The company was on a quest
to discover "real beauty" and help women be happy just the way they are. As a result, the Dove
Campaign for Real Beauty was successfully launched in 2004. Dove was practicing which type
of marketing?
A) sense-of-mission
B) consumer-oriented
C) customer-value
D) innovative
E) societal
85) When a company makes marketing decisions by considering consumers' wants and
interests, the company's requirements, and society's long-run interests, it is practicing ________
A) value
B) societal
C) sense-of-mission
D) consumer-oriented
E) customer-value
86) What are deficient products?
A) products that have neither immediate appeal nor long-run benefits
B) products that give high immediate satisfaction but only hurt consumers in the long run
C) products that have low appeal but may benefit consumers in the long run
D) products that are either unsafe or inferior
E) any product in the decline stage of the product life cycle
87) Dales Drugstore sells cough medicine that is sour and ineffective. This is an example of a
________ product.
A) societal
B) pleasing
C) salutary
D) deficient
E) desirable
88) A company that makes products that give high immediate satisfaction but may hurt
consumers in the long run makes ________ products.
A) deficient
B) pleasing
C) salutary
D) desirable
E) threatening
89) ________ products give both high immediate satisfaction and high long-run benefits.
A) Deficient
B) Pleasing
C) Desirable
D) Salutary
E) Threatening
90) Examples of pleasing products include ________.
A) cigarettes and junk food
B) dental services and medications
C) seat belts and air bags
D) fruits and vegetables
E) bicycle helmets and elbow pads
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