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31) Critics claim that companies in the ________ industries introduce planned streams of
new products that make older models obsolete, a form of planned obsolescence that harms
A) car and truck
B) housing and construction
C) food and beverage
D) consumer electronics and computer
E) financial and entertainment
32) Critics who believe that the American marketing system poorly serves disadvantaged
consumers claim that the ________ pay more for inferior goods.
A) wealthy
B) uneducated
C) urban poor
D) rural poor
E) elderly
33) The presence of ________ in low-income neighborhoods makes a big difference in keeping
prices down.
A) malls
B) small stores
C) redlining companies
D) large national chain stores
E) factory outlets
34) When major chain retailers avoid placing stores in disadvantaged neighborhoods, they are
likely to be accused of the discriminatory practice of ________.
A) embargo
B) licensing
C) redlining
D) puffery
E) scrambling merchandise
35) Critics claim that mortgage lenders used ________. Instead of staying away from people in
poor urban areas, they targeted and exploited them by steering them toward subprime loans even
though many qualified for safer fixed-rate loans.
A) reverse redlining
B) redlining
C) puffery
D) licensing
E) the push strategy
36) Several companies, some of them operating through the Internet, offer "paycheck advances."
Consumers are encouraged to take out a loan against a paycheck they expect to receive in the
near future. These short-term loans with high-interest rates, and high penalties for late payments,
are often marketed to consumers who do not have traditional bank accounts. These companies
could most easily be criticized for which of the following?
A) shoddy products
B) poor service to disadvantaged consumers
C) high-pressure selling
D) high advertising and promotion costs
E) excessive markups
37) Critics have charged that the marketing system urges too much interest in ________.
A) material possessions
B) the push strategy
C) meeting a quota
D) new product invention
E) entering the global market arena
38) Critics of the American economic marketing system have charged that marketers have
created a culture in which people are judged by what they ________.
A) are
B) own
C) do
D) eat
E) avoid
39) Bill Talen, also known as the Reverend Billy, leader of the Church of Stop Shopping, wants
people to resist the temptation to shop. He annually leads a group of volunteers in his post-Thanksgiving Buy Nothing Parade in front of Macy's in Manhattan. Bill Talen is criticizing the
American marketing system for creating ________.
A) too few social goods
B) environmental problems
C) shoddy products
D) false wants and too much materialism
E) predatory competition
40) Businesses hire ________ firms to use mass media to create materialistic models of the good
A) Hollywood
B) Broadway
C) Madison Avenue
D) Fifth Avenue
E) Michigan Avenue
41) Critics say marketing is seen as benefiting ________ more than ________.
A) consumers; industry
B) industry; consumers
C) stores; manufacturers
D) exporters; importers
E) independent sellers; chain stores
42) Our wants and values are LEAST influenced by which of the following?
A) family
B) education
C) religion
D) cultural background
E) intermediaries
43) The overselling of private goods results in ________, such as cars causing traffic jams, air
pollution, injuries, and deaths.
A) cultural pollution
B) misdirected funding
C) social costs
D) materialism
E) opportunity costs
44) To restore the balance between private and public goods, producers could be required to bear
the full ________ costs of their operations.
A) promotional
B) cultural
C) environmental
D) social
E) safety
45) For cars, "social costs" include all of the following EXCEPT ________.
A) traffic congestion
B) air pollution
C) gasoline shortages
D) congestion tolls
E) traffic accidents
46) TerraPass is a company that offers consumers the opportunity to buy carbon offsets,
which are contributions to projects that combat global warming by reducing carbon emissions.
TerraPass offers contribution packages for driving, flying, and home energy use. Through
TerraPass, consumers can pay some of the ________ costs of their private goods and services.
A) promotional
B) safety
C) health
D) distribution
E) social
47) Cultural pollution could be referred to as ________.
A) commercial noise
B) air pollution
C) language barriers
D) a marketer's inability to identify a target market
E) zipping or zapping
48) All of the following are examples of cultural pollution EXCEPT ________.
A) commercials during serious programs
B) ads in magazines
C) street signs in an urban area
D) billboards marring beautiful scenery
E) spam in an e-mail inbox
49) Karl Lagaros, a marketing critic, is concerned about the pervasiveness about marketing. He
points to advertising messages everywhere, from Web sites and e-mails to unwanted direct mail
and catalogs to television commercials and product tie-ins to billboards and store signage. Karl is
concerned about ________.
A) high advertising and promotion costs
B) cultural pollution
C) deceptive practices
D) false wants and too much materialism
E) the balance between private goods and social goods
50) In response to charges of ________, marketers point out that advertising makes much of
television and radio free to users and also keeps down the cost of magazines and newspapers.
A) too few social goods
B) creating false wants
C) creating too much materialism
D) high promotion costs
E) cultural pollution
51) Cultural pollution continually pollutes people's minds with all of the following messages
EXCEPT ________.
A) materialism
B) sex
C) power
D) religion
E) status
52) Large marketing companies can use patents and heavy promotion spending to ________.
A) acquire smaller companies
B) bear the social costs of their operations
C) set up barriers for others wanting to enter the industry
D) achieve economies of scale
E) offset cultural pollution
53) All of the following are potential advantages of acquisition EXCEPT?
A) The acquiring company can gain economies of scale.
B) Acquisitions require little government oversight.
C) An acquiring company may improve the efficiency of an acquired company.
D) An industry might become more competitive after an acquisition.
E) The acquisition may result in lower costs, leading to lower prices for consumers.
54) Setting prices below cost, threatening to cut off business with suppliers, and discouraging the
purchase of a competitor's products are all examples of ________.
A) routine competition
B) excessive materialism
C) predatory competition
D) acquisitions
E) barriers to entering a market
55) The two major movements to keep business in line are environmentalism and ________.
A) consumerism
B) protectionism
C) antimonopoly legislation
D) regulating interstate commerce
E) innovation
56) The first organized consumer movement in the United States took place in the early 1900s. It
was fueled by all of the following conditions EXCEPT ________.
A) rising prices
B) conditions in the meat industry
C) unsafe merchandise
D) scandals in the drug industry
E) Upton Sinclair's writing
57) Ralph Nader is most closely associated with which of the following?
A) the consumerism movement of the 1960s
B) the environmentalism movement of the 1960s and 1970s
C) the current wave of environmentalism
D) enlightened marketing
E) consumer-oriented marketing
58) ________ is an organized movement of citizens and government agencies to improve the
rights and power of buyers in relation to sellers.
A) Environmentalism
B) The Bill of Rights
C) Grassroots politics
D) Consumerism
E) The Human Relations Movement
59) All of the following are traditional sellers' rights EXCEPT ________.
A) the right to charge any price for the product
B) the right to spend any amount to promote the product
C) the right to promote any product to any audience
D) the right to use any buying incentive programs
E) the right to introduce any product in any size and style
60) Consumer advocates call for all of the following additional consumer rights EXCEPT
A) the right to be protected from unwanted marketing messages
B) the right to be well informed about important product aspects
C) the right to be protected against questionable products and marketing practices
D) the right to influence marketing practices in ways that will improve the quality of life
E) the right to influence products in ways that will improve the quality of life
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