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1) ________ calls for meeting the present needs of consumers and businesses while also
preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
A) The sustainable marketing concept
B) Innovation
C) Consumerism
D) Environmentalism
E) The strategic planning concept
2) All of the following are concepts that define the needs of consumers and/or businesses
A) Marketing concept
B) Societal marketing concept
C) Strategic planning concept
D) Sustainable marketing concept
E) Consumer business concept
3) The ________ is specifically focused on future company needs only.
A) societal marketing concept
B) strategic planning concept
C) sustainable marketing concept
D) marketing concept
E) consumer business concept
4) The ________ is specifically focused on the future welfare of consumers only.
A) strategic planning concept
B) sustainable marketing concept
C) societal marketing concept
D) consumer business concept
E) marketing concept
5) McDonald's "Plan to Win" strategy has added healthy food options to its menu, phased out
traditional artery-clogging trans fats, launched a major multifaceted education campaign, and
addressed environmental issues. "Plan to Win" best exemplifies which concept?
A) sustainable marketing concept
B) marketing concept
C) societal marketing concept
D) strategic planning concept
E) consumer business concept
6) Many critics charge that the American marketing system causes ________ to be higher than
they would be under more "sensible" systems.
A) imports
B) exports
C) prices
D) product safety measures
E) employee morals
7) Critics charge that intermediaries ________.
A) are too few in number
B) are inefficient
C) provide only necessary services
D) underprice their services
E) are too competitive
8) A long-standing charge against intermediaries is that they mark up prices beyond the
A) value of their services
B) delivery charges
C) going market price
D) promotion cost
E) resale value
9) A heavily promoted brand of flu medicine sells for much more than a virtually identical store-branded product. Critics would likely charge that promotion for the branded flu medicine adds
only ________ to the product rather than functional value.
A) consistency
B) strength
C) psychological value
D) quality
E) informational value
10) Marketers respond to charges of high advertising and promotion costs that unnecessarily
increase retail prices by arguing all of the following factors EXCEPT?
A) Advertising and promotion make consumers feel wealthy.
B) Advertising and promotion make consumers feel attractive.
C) Advertising and promotion adds quality to the product.
D) Advertising and promotion adds value by informing potential buyers of the availability and
merits of a brand.
E) Advertising and promotion is necessary for a firm to match competitors' efforts.
11) Dan's Drugstore sells consumers medicine for twenty dollars that only costs two dollars to
make. The store is guilty of ________.
A) deceptive promotion
B) deceptive packaging
C) false advertising
D) excessive markups
E) redlining
12) Albatross Enterprises was accused of deceptive pricing. Which of the following explains
what might have happened?
A) Albatross refused to advertise sale prices in the local paper.
B) Albatross lured customers to the store for a bargain that is out of stock.
C) Albatross advertised a large price reduction from a phony high retail list price.
D) Albatross misrepresented a product's features in an ad.
E) Albatross used misleading labeling.
13) Hart's Department Store was accused of deceptive promotion. Which of the following best
explains what might have happened?
A) Hart's refused to advertise sale prices in the local paper.
B) Hart's lured customers to the store for a bargain that is out of stock.
C) Hart's advertised a large price reduction from a phony high retail list price.
D) Hart's used misleading labeling.
E) Hart's exaggerated its package contents through subtle design.
14) Marketers claim that consumers often don't understand the reasons for high markups. All of
the following are reasons a pharmaceutical company claims they must markup prices EXCEPT
A) to cover cost of purchasing
B) to cover cost of promoting
C) to cover cost of distributing existing medicines
D) to test new medicines
E) to gain a profit
15) Deceptive practices fall into three groups: deceptive ________, deceptive ________, and
deceptive ________.
A) product; pricing; promotion
B) pricing; promotion; placement
C) pricing; promotion; packaging
D) packaging; product; promotion
E) product; packaging; placement
16) Deceptive promotion differs from deceptive pricing in that deceptive promotion overstates
the product's ________ or ________.
A) true price; performance
B) features; performance
C) packaging; costs
D) design; features
E) availability; package contents
17) A major step in regulating "unfair or deceptive business acts and practices" was the
enactment of the ________ in 1938.
A) Robinson-Patman Act
B) Wheeler-Lea Act
C) Interstate Commerce Commissions
D) Taft-Hartley Act
E) Stamp Act
18) Advertising "puffery" is a term for ________.
A) a straightforward promotional message
B) innocent exaggeration for effect
C) emotional appeals to consumers
D) subliminal appeals to consumers
E) value-added promotions
19) Which of the following advertising situations would LEAST likely be considered "puffery"?
A) Mr. Clean coming to a housewife's rescue
B) instantly toned thighs and legs as a result of using the Thigh Master for only 15 minutes
C) children immediately growing into attractive adults as a result of drinking milk
D) a retired couple drinking a vitamin and protein shake and then going bicycling
E) a sleepy mom who wakes up to a gray day, drinks a cup of coffee, and then looks out her
window to see golden sunshine, beautiful flowers blooming, songbirds singing, and a rainbow on
the horizon
20) When critics claim that insurance, real estate, and used cars are sold, not bought, they are
making accusations of the use of ________.
A) deceptive promotions
B) excessive markups
C) high-pressure selling
D) shoddy products
E) excessive materialism
21) ________ persuades people to buy goods they had no thought of buying.
A) Sustainable marketing
B) High pressure selling
C) Strategic marketing
D) Redlining
E) Reverse redlining
22) The success of the Tom Dennis Ford dealership has been built largely on return customers
and word-of-mouth recommendations. The majority of sales are made to customers who
have purchased a vehicle at the dealership before or who know someone who had a positive
experience purchasing a vehicle there. The sales force at the Tom Dennis Ford dealership most
likely knows that using high-pressure selling does not work if the dealership wants to ________.
A) achieve short-term gains
B) move last year's models
C) obey local and federal law
D) build long-term relationships with customers
E) maintain a database
23) Recently, a class-action lawsuit was brought against McDonald's, charging that its food has
contributed to the nationwide obesity epidemic. The suit was eventually dismissed, but many
critics continue to point out the health dangers of many "fast food" menu items. These critics are
concerned that the fast food industry has used ________.
A) high-pressure selling
B) deceptive promotions
C) deceptive pricing
D) deceptive packaging
E) harmful products
24) Consumers Union, the nonprofit testing and information organization, publishes ________ to
assist the consumer in choosing products and to encourage businesses to eliminate product flaws.
A) Consumer Digest
B) Buyers Weekly
C) Home & Garden
D) Consumer Reports
E) Sports Illustrated
25) All of the following would be considered hazards in tested products EXCEPT ________.
A) electrical dangers in appliances
B) carbon monoxide poisoning from room heaters
C) injury risks from lawn mowers
D) faulty automobile design
E) sour-tasting medicine
26) Critics have charged that some companies intentionally manufacture their products with
materials or components that cause the product to need to be replaced before it actually should
need replacement. What is this called?
A) product failure
B) short-term planning
C) planned obsolescence
D) nonfunctional warranty
E) expressed dissatisfaction
27) The following quote best describes ________. "The marvels of modern technology include
the development of a soda can which, when discarded, will last forever, and, which when
properly cared for, will rust out in two or three years."
A) planned obsolescence
B) product failure
C) short-term planning
D) nonfunctional warranty
E) excessive markups
28) Planned obsolescence might involve all of the following EXCEPT ________.
A) the use of unsafe materials
B) producers continually changing consumer styles
C) the holding back of attractive functional features, then introducing them later to make older
models obsolete
D) the use of materials that will rust sooner than they should
E) the use of components that will break soon after purchase
29) Marketers respond to charges of planned obsolescence with all of the following EXCEPT?
A) Consumers like change.
B) No one is forced to buy the new product.
C) The product will eventually wear out anyway.
D) For most technical products, customers want the latest innovations.
E) Companies do not want to lose customers to other brands.
30) Trendy Teens manufactures fashionable clothing and accessories for the tween and teen
female markets. New merchandise with a very different look is rolled out each season and
heavily promoted as the "must-have" style in a variety of media. Trendy Teens could most easily
be criticized for which of the following?
A) deceptive promotions
B) shoddy products
C) high-pressure selling
D) poor service to disadvantaged consumers
E) planned obsolescence
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