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211. T F The criteria used to group people into classes are basically the same in all societies.
212. T F Expecting ethical business behavior reflects our culture.
213. T F The values, knowledge, beliefs, customs, objects, and concepts of a society affect how
people make purchasing decisions.
214. T F Changes in culture do not affect product development.
215. T F The values, needs, interests, shopping patterns, and buying habits of various
subcultures must be considered if a business wants to succeed.
216. T F A consumer belongs to only one subculture.
217. T F Not all the behavioral patterns and values attributed to specific subcultures apply to
every member of that specific subculture.
218. T F Marketers must consider the different nationalities represented within the Hispanic
and Asian-American subcultures because of the unique culture, history, and buying patterns of each
ethnic group.
219. T F Asian Americans are the fastest growing and most affluent U.S. subculture, but with
respect to buying behavior, Asians are generally not willing to pay more for distinct, well-known
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