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151. T F An information search, once completed, should identify for the buyer the one brand
that he or she views as the best alternative.
152. T F When evaluating the alternatives, the buyer rates and eventually ranks the brands in
the consideration set.
153. T F The evaluative criteria are objective but not subjective product characteristics that
are important to a specific buyer when purchasing a product.
154. T F A marketer's use of framing can make a product characteristic seem more important
to a consumer and can facilitate its recall from memory.
155. T F During the evaluation of alternatives stage of the consumer buying decision process,
the buyer selects the seller from whom he or she will purchase the product.
156. T F The terms of sale (price, delivery, credit arrangements) are negotiated during the
evaluation of alternatives stage of the consumer decision-making process.
157. T F Some of the criteria used in the evaluation of alternatives stage of the consumer
buying decision process are also used during the postpurchase evaluation stage.
158. T F Product availability plays a major role in the purchase stage. If the highest-ranked
product is unavailable, the consumer will most likely purchase the brand ranked second.
159. T F The choice of a seller may actually affect the final product selection during the
purchase stage of the consumer buying decision process.
160. T F Dissatisfaction may occur shortly after a purchase; this is called cognitive
161. T F Situational influences generally have the greatest influence during the initial stage of
the consumer buying decision process.
162. T F There are situational influences that cannot be controlled.

163. T F Situational influences can be classified into five different categories including physical
surroundings, social surroundings, personality, purchase reason, and time perspective.
164. T F Situational influences would likely not affect a high school senior searching for a
college or university to attend.
165. T F An electronics store puts a large screen TV, wired for surround sound, in a quiet
corner of the store with couches and a rug, and plays a recently released movie. These actions give
the display the look of a family room or den. The store is using the physical surroundings as a way to
influence purchase decisions.
166. T F Social surroundings during the purchase decision do not include the presence of a
167. T F Time dimensions on the buying decision include how long it may take to become
knowledgeable about a product.
168. T F The time that a buyer has to make a purchase decision is a situational influence.
169. T F Psychological influences operate within individuals to determine, in part, their
behavior as consumers.
170. T F Perception is a process in which an individual selects, organizes, and interprets
information received through the sense organs.
171. T F A person receives information inputs through the senses.
172. T F A major part of perception involves information processing.
173. T F The phenomenon of selective exposure is associated with perception.
174. T F An information input is less likely to reach awareness if it is related to an event that
the person is anticipating.
175. T F If an information input is useful in satisfying a person's current needs, it is more likely
to reach awareness.
176. T F When a buyer receives information that is inconsistent with his or her beliefs, the
buyer may distort the information to bring it more in line with those beliefs.
177. T F Information inputs that reach awareness are received in an organized form.
178. T F Marketers can control the perception of potential buyers.
179. T F A consumer may receive a marketer's information and perceive it differently from the
way the marketer intended.
180. T F A buyer's actions at any point in time are affected by one major motive.
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