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121. 360º performance appraisal systems require careful planning and consume far
more time than other appraisal systems, but putting the system online can reduce
the time needed for the process.
122. The identification, measurement, and management of human performance in
organizations is referred to as _______.
123. _______ is an aspect of performance that determines effective job performance.
124. An appraisal format that asks supervisor to compare an employee’s performance
to the performance of other employees doing the same job is referred to as _______.
125. _______ is an appraisal format that asks supervisors to make judgments about an
employee’s performance based solely on performance standards.
126. An appraisal tool that asks a supervisor to make judgments about worker
characteristics that tend to be consistent and enduring is referred to as a(n) _______.
127. A(n) _______ is an appraisal tool that asks managers to assess a worker’s
128. A(n) _______ is an appraisal tool that asks managers to assess the results
achieved by workers.
Part IV Employee Development
129. _______ is a goal-directed approach to performance appraisal in which workers
and their supervisors set goals together for the upcoming evaluation period.
130. An error in performance appraisals that reflects consistent biases on the part of
the rater is referred to as _______.
131. _______ is the degree to which the performance ratings given by various
supervisors in an organization are similar.
132. A type of training that present supervisors with fictitious examples of worker
performance, asks the supervisor to evaluate the workers in the examples, and then
tells them what their ratings should have been is referred to as _______.
133. A(n) _______ is a performance appraisal system in which workers rate
134. A(n) _______ is a performance appraisal system in which workers at the same
level in the organization rate one another.
135. A performance appraisal system in which workers review their supervisors is
called a(n) _______.
136. The combination of peer, subordinate, and self-review is referred to as _______.
Part IV Employee Development
137. Performance appraisal systems may be built on a relative or absolute judgment
basis. Discuss what these two bases are and the relative merits and disadvantages
of each.
138. Some performance appraisal tools focus on what is measured rather than how
the judgment is made. Describe three measurement-focused appraisal tools,
enumerating the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Part IV Employee Development
139. Discuss how rater errors and personal bias influence the performance appraisal
process and any possible solutions for these influences on the performance
appraisal process.
140. Managers face a number of challenges when conducting performance appraisals,
such as: the influence of liking, organizational politics, and legal issues. Discuss
how these challenges affect the performance appraisal process and any solutions
for these challenges.
Part IV Employee Development
141. Group performance appraisals are becoming more important in the U.S. business
community, since teams are becoming increasingly common in the workplace. At
what two levels should performance be appraised and how should these be
142. Performance management is a critical final element of the performance appraisal
process. Explain how effective managers help employees improve performance.
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