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121. Over the past 100 years or so, Binney and Smith’s Crayola crayons have become a
household staple in more than 80 countries around the world. Crayola crayons are in the
_____ stage of the PLC.
a. introduction
b. maturity
c. growth
d. decline
e. incubation
122. Proctor & Gamble has sold off a number of lesser or declining brands such as Oxydol
detergent and Jif peanut butter. In these examples, management decided to _____ the
a. further test
b. maintain
c. drop
d. harvest
e. ignore the test market results of
123. Anita’s DayCare plans to offer third-shift childcare, based upon the opening of two new
manufacturing plants in her area. Together the plants will hire 423 employees and run all
three shifts. Initial test marketing results look promising. In considering launching this new
service, Anita must first decide on _____.
a. timing
b. expansion costs
c. hiring suitable employees
d. checking local and state regulations
124. Altas Steel Corporation lacks the confidence, capital, and capacity to launch its new steel
product into full national or international distribution. Even though test market results look
promising, what will be management’s next step?
a. Retest the product in additional markets.
b. Develop a planned market rollout over time.
c. Secure a loan to provide confidence, capital, and capacity.
d. Seek the help of a nationally known consultant.
e. Develop a prototype.
125. When Heinz introduced EZ Squirt packaging and new colors such as Blastin’ Green and
Awesome Orange to revitalize consumer buying, the company was _____.
a. modifying the market
b. modifying the pricing strategy
c. modifying the distribution
d. modifying the product
e. dropping the product
126. Big Moose Toys is a market pioneer introducing a modern version of Bullwinkle the Moose.
Their version of Rocky the Flying Squirrel targeted to baby boomers was a strong success.
The new launch strategy for Bullwinkle must be consistent with the intended _____.
a. promotion campaign
b. product positioning
c. company image
d. target market
e. use
127. It’s What’s Hip, a chain of 18 music and CD stores, has discovered that carrying a weak
product during the decline stage of the PLC can be very costly to a firm, and not just in profit
terms. Which one of these is not likely to be one of those costs?
a. Take up much of management’s time.
b. Frequent price and inventory adjustment.
c. Requires advertising and sales force attention.
d. Few concerns about company image and other products.
e. All of the above.
128. Superior Luggage Company has undertaken the task of identifying its products in the decline
stage of the PLC by using all of these areas but one. Which one?
a. Regularly reviewing sales.
b. Regularly reviewing market shares.
c. Regularly reviewing costs an profit trends.
d. Regularly reviewing management’s pet projects.
e. None of the above.
129. Concept testing will likely not reveal one of the following. Which one?
a. Whether consumers are interested in the idea.
b. Whether the idea is functional.
c. The price that customers are most likely to pay for it.
d. B and C
e. None of the above.
; Which of the following will likely not be revealed in a test market?
f. Price sensitivity.
g. Time of day the typical purchase is made.
h. Consumers’ reactions to an end-of-aisle display.
i. Distance traveled by the typical consumer in order to make the purchase.
j. None of the above.
130. Increasing profits most likely will occur at which stage of the PLC?
a. Product development.
b. Introduction.
c. Growth.
d. Maturity.
e. Decline.
131. In which stage of the PLC will promotional expenditures be especially high in an attempt to
create consumer awareness?
a. Product development.
b. Introduction.
c. Growth.
d. Maturity.
e. Decline.
132. In which stage of the PLC will promotional expenditures be especially high in an attempt to
react to increasing competition?
a. Product development.
b. Introduction.
c. Growth.
d. Maturity.
e. Decline.
133. Which of the following is(are) most likely to pass through a regular history of introduction,
growth, maturity, and decline?
a. Pharmaceuticals.
b. Cassette tapes.
c. Electronics.
d. Fashions.
e. B and D
134. Which of the following statements best explains why idea screening may be the most import
step of new product development?
a. It reduces the number of ideas generated.
b. Some potentially profitable ideas may be ill perceived by the idea screeners.
c. Some ideas that will become market disasters may be originally viewed favorably by the
idea screeners.
d. B and C
e. None of the above.
Short Answer
135. What has sparked Nokia to launch an increasingly large number of new products in the last
four years?
136. How might a firm benefit from implementing an “intrapreneurial” program?
137. What elements may help to create a product image?
138. In a brief statement, what is the purpose of concept testing?
139. What may be learned in a test market?
140. A marketer has selected a single city in which to conduct a test market. What might we
conclude in this choice of a single-city test market?
141. A marketer has chosen a multiple-city test market. What might we conclude in this choice of
a multiple-city test market?
142. Why might ad expenditures be high for products in the introductory stage of the PLC?
143. Why might ad expenditures remain high in the growth stage of the PLC?
144. Some products remain in the maturity stage of the PLC for long periods of time, whereas
others pass through quickly. List three possible conditions that may allow a product to
remain in the maturity stage for a long period of time.
145. You have recently sent a proposal for a fictional novel to an editor at a major publishing
firm. The editor, alone, will carry out the idea screening. Why might you feel this process is
146. The potential market strengths and weaknesses are being determined for a new product
idea. In what stage of the new product development process does this occur?
147. Marketers can prolong the lives of many products in the maturity or decline stages of the
PLC, sometimes even moving these products back into the growth stage. How can this
148. How might competitors be a good external idea source?
149. Of what three parts is the marketing strategy statement comprised?
150. Explain the role of timing in the commercialization stage.
151. How might simultaneous product development enhance efficiency?
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