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5) Endangered species are likely to be

A) private property.

B) common property.

C) both private and common property.

D) neither private nor common property.

6) Protecting endangered species are likely to be

A) a private cost.

B) a public cost.

C) both private and public costs.

D) neither a private nor public cost.

7) Which of the following is TRUE about species in the world?

A) Most extinct species became extinct within the past 30 years.

B) The majority of extinct species became extinct before humans appeared.

C) Extinct species became extinct only after human appeared.

D) No species has ever become extinct.

8) The trade-off of saving the spotted owls in the Pacific Northwest was

A) the loss of salmon in the region.

B) the increase in the number of marbled murrelets.

C) the loss of logging activities by lumber companies.

D) none.

9) Which of the following is most likely to be private property?

A) bees

B) house flies

C) farm raised chickens

D) winds

10) Wild animals are likely to be

A) private property.

B) endangered species.

C) domesticated by humans.

D) all of the above.

11) The Endangered Species Act is an attempt to

A) protect endangered species against greedy loggers, farmers, and business people.

B) protect endangered species from the overzealousness of many environmentalists.

C) protect species endangered because there are no private property rights on them.

D) prevent some people from earning a good living.

12) For endangered species, the federal government

A) can only protect the animal on federal property because of common property issues.

B) has the right to regulate activities on private land to save the species from extinction.

C) turns over the protection of an endangered species to the state authorities where the species


D) will capture a pair of animals so that the species does not become extinct.

13) Saving endangered species

A) benefits all people in society without any trade-off.

B) must involve the loss of another species.

C) may involve a trade-off in terms of the loss of other economic activities.

D) requires the government to list those species as common property.

14) The problem associated with endangered populations of migratory birds is the

A) common property problem.

B) free rider problem.

C) deadweight loss problem.

D) inefficient production problem.

15) The problem of overfishing in waters that are commonly owned can be solved by

A) the use of the Coase Theorem.

B) establishing property rights for fishing in the waters.

C) subsidizing fishing.

D) allowing the market to ration fish.


16) The problem of overfishing in waters that are commonly owned can be solved when the

government determines the total amount of fish can be removed from a given area during each

fishing season. Then the fishermen

A) will not be able to fish.

B) can trade their rights (shares) to fish or not.

C) will externalize their private costs to the government.

D) will lower their private costs to fish.

17) The Endangered Species Act has

A) caused a loss of economic activities on some private land.

B) saved all endangered species without affecting anyone.

C) further reduced the number of endangered species.

D) had no impact on either the number of endangered species or other economic activities.

18) Approximately what percentage of the world's extinct species became extinct before humans

appeared on earth?

A) 1 percent

B) 10 percent

C) 20 percent

D) more than 99 percent

19) Today, the earth has ________ of all of the species that have ever lived.

A) less than 1 percent

B) about 50 percent

C) about 99 percent

D) 100 percent

20) "The number of species on earth is decreasing drastically and economic development is the

main factor for the problem." Do you agree or disagree? Why?

21) Why are most endangered species belong to common property?
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