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61. Marketers interested in offering customer value can:
a. offer products that perform
b. give the consumer facts
c. offer organization-wide commitment to service and after-the-sale support
d. avoid unrealistic pricing
e. do all of these
62. Chaz loves to play a Disney online pirate game in which he gets to create a pirate by
choosing hair-color, skin-color, clothing, and physical features. Then he gets to choose
from a variety of quests and can sail a ship, dig for treasure, fight skeleton pirates, or fight
the British Navy. This game provides what element of value?
a. offering products that perform
b. earning his trust
c. avoiding unrealistic pricing
d. giving him facts
e. co-creation
63. Which of the following is the customer’s evaluation of a good or service in terms of whether
that good or service has met his or her needs and expectations?
a. value
b. perception
c. attitude
d. dissonance
e. satisfaction
64. When customer expectations regarding product quality, service quality, and value-based
price are met or exceeded, _____ is created.
a. a value line
b. a quality rift
c. planning excellence
d. customer satisfaction
e. expectation satisfaction
65.Ninety-six percent of USAA home insurance policy holders report that USAA
representatives meets their commitment in calling back customers quickly about claims.
The most likely result of USAA’s efforts is:
a. management empowerment
b. retailer-customer synergy
c. customer satisfaction
d. transactional marketing
e. disintermediation
66. Xerox emphasizes _____ by replacing at its own expense any dissatisfied customer's
equipment within a period of three years after purchase.
a. management empowerment
b. management-customer synergy
c. customer satisfaction
d. transactional marketing
e. direct selling
67. _____ is a strategy that focuses on keeping and improving relationships with current customers.
a. Commitment selling
b. Relationship marketing
c. Transactional marketing
d. Market engineering
e. Organization-customer synergy
68. sells a plug-in device that connects to computer diagnostic ports that are
standard on cars. The device beams signals to dealers who can remotely diagnose or spot
trouble. The device al-lows car dealerships to maintain a closer bond with their customers
by offering maintenance before a problem leaves customers with an inoperable or possibly
dangerous car. With the device, dealers can better engage in:
a. management empowerment
b. management-customer synergy
c. relationship marketing
d. transactional marketing
e. direct selling
69. Kellogg’s gives consumers the chance to receive a free DVD. Consumers who buy five
boxes of spe-cially marked cereal can cut out the coupons and mail in their completed
official form to get a free DVD. Kellogg’s is engaging in:
a. transactional marketing
b. sports distribution
c. relationship marketing
d. one-to-one marketing
e. customer transformation
70. Frequent-flyer programs are an example of financial incentives to customers in exchange
for their con-tinuing patronage. After flying a certain number of miles or flying a specified
number of times, the fre-quent-flyer program participant earns a free flight or some other
award such as free lodging. Airlines that use frequent-flyer programs are practicing:
a. commitment selling
b. transaction marketing
c. transformational marketing
d. marketing engineering
e. relationship marketing
73. Greenberg Smoked Turkey, Inc., is a nationwide mail-order business that operates without any adver-tising. It does not accept credit cards, has no toll-free number for customers to call, and does not have a
Web site. This hopelessly old-fashioned company is also very profitable with thousands of devoutly loyal
customers--some of whom have ordered Greenberg smoked turkeys every year for the last fifty years.
Greenberg more than likely uses _____ to maintain these long-term ties to its customers.
a. reactive marketing
b. synergistic management
c. relationship marketing
d. a sales orientation
e. management empowerment
72. The Geek Squad is a tech support station located inside every Best Buy electronics retail
store. Best Buy gives intensive training to the Geeks. The purpose of this training is to:
a. improve customer service
b. give higher education benefits to employees
c. promote the company image by increasing public awareness
d. reduce the need of empowerment
e. increase employment levels
73. Some market-oriented firms give employees expanded authority to solve customer
problems on the spot. This is known as:
a. training
b. deregulation
c. empowerment
d. commissioning
e. mediating
74. _____ gives customers the feeling their concerns are being addressed and at the same
time gives em-ployees the feeling their expertise matters to management.
a. Management-employee synergy
b. Organizational entropy
c. Managerial reciprocity
d. Empowerment
e. Delegation
Empowerment is the delegation of authority to solve customers’ problems quickly, usually by
the first person that the customer notifies regarding a problem.
75. The Ritz Carlton has Service Values which guide employees in providing its Gold
Standard service. One of the service values states “I own and immediately resolve guest
problems.” The Ritz Carlton management uses _____ to provide customer service.
a. training
b. deregulation
c. empowerment
d. commissioning
e. mediating
76. As part of instituting an empowerment program, a marketing director should:
a. hire college graduates who have the latest training in marketing management techniques
b. create a customer-service department and place a key staff person in charge of
the depart-ment
c. train the company's staff to judge the quality of the products the firm produces
d. allow non-management employees to resolve problems on their own without
prior ap-proval from their immediate supervisors
e. conduct a survey of the company's marketing staff to learn about employee morale
77. _____ is the collaborative efforts of people to achieve common objectives.
a. Effort training
b. Teamwork
c. Empowerment
d. OJT training
e. Mediation
78. TUFF SHED, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of installed storage buildings and garages in
the United States. TUFF SHED mandates that sales, management and construction teams work
together to anticipate and eliminate potential problems. They make sure customers get the right
buildings for their needs, and they all are built well and in a timely manner.
By using teamwork TUFF SHED:
a. operates successfully using a production orientation
b. provides its customer with a high level of satisfaction
c. has a high employee turnover rate
d. does not deliver superior customer service
e. has a sales orientation
79. A sales-oriented firm defines its business (or mission) in terms of:
a. employees
b. goods and services
c. customers
d. competitors
e. benefits
80. A market-oriented firm defines its business in terms of:
a. goods and services
b. the benefits its customers seek
c. employee empowerment
d. competitive position
e. customer satisfaction
81. Redefining the business mission of a mattress manufacturer as "a good night's sleep,"
rather than stat-ing the mission as "the manufacture of high-quality mattresses," will:
a. not stimulate an awareness of changes in consumer desires
b. be too broad a statement to be of any real use in serving customers
c. stifle creativity in discovering opportunities to serve customers
d. help ensure the firm retains its focus on consumers
e. ensure the core products will be retained
82. One of the reasons given for the decline of the passenger rail industry in the United States is that the
industry defined its mission as trains and not as transportation sources. The railroad industry failed to:
a. define its mission in terms of the benefits its customers seek
b. ignore the marketing concept of serving customer needs and wants
c. realize "customers only want what they know"
d. have a sales orientation
e. empower the consumer
83. Walker Farms has heard from many of its customers that they would like organic produce.
As a result Walker Farms became a certified organic farm. Walker realizes that, while not all
consumers are will-ing to pay the higher prices for organic produce, his customers want the
organic produce. Walker real-ized:
a. he missed sales by not concentrating on the average customer
b. different customer groups have different needs and wants
c. he is a sales-oriented farm
d. his business is about selling the cheapest vegetables
e. his aim is a goal of profit through maximum sales volume
84. All of the following are basic marketing mix decisions EXCEPT:
a. sales
b. price
c. product design
d. place (distribution)
e. promotion
85. One way to identify the orientation of a firm is to examine its primary goal. If a firm seeks to
achieve profitability through sales volume, it would probably be:
a. promotion-oriented
b. price-oriented
c. sales-oriented
d. production-oriented
e. retail-oriented
86. The manufacturer of Maine Kitchen Art bowls, spoons, and cutting boards knows marketing can make his
company a success. He wants to rely solely on promotion as the technique for attracting customers. He
advertises extensively in cooking magazines, offers coupons, and provides retailers who carry his product
with attractive displays. From this information, you know that Maine Kitchen Art has a _____
a. market
b. societal
c. production
d. sales
e. product
87. FujiFilm Computer Products has improved the efficiency and productivity of its plant,
which manufac-tures printing technology. For the new fiscal year, the company projects a
production increase of 25 percent and has instructed its sales force to aggressively distribute
and promote the product. The CEO is sure the market will absorb more product if the sales
force is determined and assertive. Apparently FujiFilm:
a. has an outward organizational focus on its customers wants and preferences
b. seeks its goals primarily through the use of intensive promotion
c. directs its products to specific groups of people
d. is in the business of satisfying customers
e. profits through customer satisfaction
88. _____ is the primary tool used by a sales-oriented organization to achieve its corporate goals.
a. Price
b. Promotion
c. Product design
d. Place (distribution)
e. Production
89. All of the following are good reasons to study marketing EXCEPT:
a. Marketing creates consumer needs.
b. Marketing plays an important role in society, coordinating the huge numbers of
transac-tions needed to provide goods and services.
c. Marketing is a key function in business.
d. Marketing offers outstanding career opportunities.
e. Marketing affects your day-to-day life as a consumer.
90. What is the fundamental objective of most businesses?
a. employee empowerment, teamwork, and relationship marketing
b. satisfied stakeholders
c. low costs and high quality
d. customer loyalty and retention
e. survival, profits, and growth
NARRBEGIN: Ritz-Carlton Hotels
Ritz-Carlton Hotels
Cesar Ritz, the founder of the original Ritz-Carlton, Boston, was known as the “king of hoteliers and
the hotelier to kings.” Today, there are more than 70 Ritz-Carlton hotels spanning 24 countries with
38,000 employees. These are not typical employees, though. They are described as “Ladies and Gen-tlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” Each employee participates in an intensive orientation pro-gram and recertification programs throughout their careers with the company, and many are allowed
$2,000 to fix a guest’s problem on the spot without managerial approval. So renowned is the Ritz way
of doing business that the company offers a Leadership Center for executives and managers of other
companies to learn and implement the Ritz way of customer service. It doesn’t stop with employees,
though. Ritz-Carlton hotels recently launched “Give Back Getaways” in 2008 that allow guests to vol-unteer in locales where they are vacationing. The hotel also offers “Vow to Help Others” which is a
program that donates a portion of a wedding couple’s reception costs to those in need. The chief oper-ating officer’s words sum up Ritz-Carlton’s philosophy best when he stated, “If we really do our job, we
really don’t need sales anymore. Satisfied guests are your advertising.”
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