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Quality assurance· Quality Assurance” referenced in FAR Part 46 recommends guidelines to ensure that supplies and services acquired under Government contract conform to the contract’s quality and quantity requirements”. This is a basic principle of government contracting… whether monitoring performance using an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) or via an inspection / acceptance clauses is inherent in “superior contracting” that ensure the government is getting what it is paying for under the terms of the contract.Write a two to three (2) page paper in which you:1. Review Section 46.703 of the FAR and determine the criteria for invoking use of the “ Warranty” provision if there is a defect, fraud, or gross mistakes in the goods or services provided.2. Review Chapter 18 of the “Government Contract Guidebook” and determine whether “express warranty” or “implied warranty” offers the government better protection against defective services.Your assignment must follow these
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