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As the new chief of Jefferson City’s Fire Department, it is your job (budget analyst) to write the justifications for the department’s proposed FY 2019 capital budget. Specifically, you must prepare justifications for the proposed new fire station near the new Loudon Subdivision. Remember, you are trying to convince the city’s elected officialsthat the construction of a new fire department will allow your department to be more efficient and effective. Further, yourjustificationsshould show that you have considered the long range plans of the city’s elected officials to expand public services. The items needed to construct the fire department are listed below the table. Land that could be used for the station was purchased in FY 2018. Although some of the items in the estimated and proposed budgets are for existing services, the majority of the items are for the new station. This is particularly true in FY 2019. Exhibit 4.1 serves as a point of departure. Also, there is an example of a proposal in Appendix 4a and 4b. Take a look at them for ideas. Your proposal should have: a project summary and a project description in your justification along with the proposed capital budget that is listed below. While there can be legal reasons to build the station, remember: economic growth, population growth, and other factors contribute to the need to build the station. Use logic and creativity when writing your justifications (use paragraphs). Include your justifications within the project description (also include comments on the individuals items in the budget).
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