PSYC 2301 - Professor Jones often gives short pop quizzes

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31. Professor Jones often gives short pop quizzes. The questions on the quizzes are fill-in-the-blank. Which type of memory do such questions measure?

a. recall

b. peripheral

c. recognition

d. implicit

32. Interference theory proposes that forgetting due to interference can occur in

a. Long-term memory.

b. Short-term memory.

c. Sensory memory. __

d. Any of the three memory systems—sensory, short-term, or long-term.

33. Repression is a type of______________ forgetting.

a. motivated

b. interference

c. delayed

d. sematic

34. Research on reconstructive memory suggests that memories are

a. Exact repetitions of actual events.

b. Pieced together with both accurate and inaccurate parts.

c. Highly resistant to external influences such as misleading information.

d. Most reliable when they are formed in childhood.

46. According to the principles of memory function, which of these students is most likely to be able to remember the information s/he needs while talking an exam?

A, Myles, who pulls an all-nighter before every exam?

B. Lina, who prepares for an exam by studying one to two hours a day over a three week period.

C. Goldie, who plays recording of textbook chapters while sleeping

D. Saul, who relies on his memories of the professor's lectures instead of reading the textbook

Domain 5: Lifespan Development

47. . Which of the following is the final stage of prenatal development?

A, fetal

B, embryonic

C, germinal

D, Transition

48. What is azygote?

a. one of two cells that join to form an embryo

b. a single-celled organism that results when an egg is fertilized

c. a fetus that is about to be born

d. a cell in the brain of a fetus

49. Fetal alcohol syndrome is associated with

a. genetic defects

b. physical and mental abnormalities

c. oxygen shortage

d. alcoholic babies

50.The emotional connection that develops between an infant and his/her caregiver is called

a, identification.

B, imprinting.

C, contact comfort.

D, attachment.

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