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PROJ 420 Project Risk Management

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Subject Business Topic Risk Management and Insurance Tutorials:
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PROJ 420 Project Risk Management

Week 1

Course Project Assignment, Project Topic Proposal and Outline

Discussion 1, Why Should We Practice Risk Management

Discussion 2, The ATOM Risk Management Process

Week 2

Course Project Assignment, Project Sizing and Stakeholder Analysis

Discussion 1, The Initiation Step

Discussion 2, Risk Identification

Week 3

Course Project Assignment, Project Risk Breakdown Structure

Discussion 1, MRP Process

Discussion 2, Risk Identification


Week 4

Course Project Assignment, Probability Impact Matrix

Discussion 1, Communications

Discussion 2, The Work Breakdown Structure

Week 5

Course Project Assignment, Risk ter

Discussion 1, Risk Response Planning

Discussion 2, Reporting

Week 6

Course Project Assignment, Summary Risk Report

Discussion 1, Implementation

Discussion 2, Reviews


Week 7

Course Project Final Paper, The RMP

Discussion 1, Post Project Review

Discussion 2, The ATOM Process

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