POLIT SC 3220 - Problems of the Developing World

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Essay Prompt: Problems of the Developing World (40 points, ? 3 pgs)

•First, choose a country or region in the developing world and summarize its key developmental obstacles. You may draw upon the problems highlighted in class or you may choose a problem that we have not discussed. You must include at least three obstacles to development.

•Second, discuss and explain why the problems that you have highlighted are problematic for development. Be sure to cite your justifications with evidence from your case and the literature.

•Third, make appropriate recommendations for international actors of your choosing (i.e. foreign governments, non-governmental organizations, international aid organizations, etc.) based upon the problems you have highlighted. Your recommendations should address the problems you identified earlier, providing solutions to overcome these problems and stimulate development.

•Fourth, make recommendations for domestic actors (either governmental or grassroots) to aid the process of development. As above, the recommendations should address the problems impeding development for your particular country or region.

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