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The first of the next six articles (beginning with the item by Henry Luce) was written in the early years of World War II and before official American involvement.  The second was printed shortly after the events known as the "9-11 attacks" and links the term "American Exceptionalism" with that event.As the years progressed, views of both "American exceptionalism" and how it relates to US relations with other nations, as well as some interpretations of the attacks in New York, changed.  Describe, as clearly and concisely as you can, the path of "American exceptionalism" from the middle of the 20th century to today.  Next, consider how adopting the assumptions and factual claims associated with "American Exceptionalism" may explain the choices our government makes in the arenas of, say, U.S. immigration policy and foreign policy?  Finally, how might the power of "American exceptionalism" shape societal views about the type of solution(s) appropriate to the problem you are examining in the Signature Assignment? 

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