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Create a self-running, 10 to 12 minute voice narrated PowerPoint presentation including exhaustive and complete speaker's notes for each slide presented that relates and evaluates your understanding of the Course Objectives (CO) and Enablers for this deliverable.

Ideally, your PowerPoint presentation should consist of one slide per Course Objective that presents a summary of the key concepts as they relate to the objective and should contain a minimum of one slide per key concept.

Include a minimum of 10 authoritative references to support your information and ideas in this deliverable.

Part 1: Objective E and and Enablers 1 and 2 (20 points)

Explain the strategies for global competition and then, based on your research of Avon's longest-serving female CEO, Andrea Jung, analyze the strategies she used to complete globally. Include in your analysis the risks at stake, the reasons behind internal confusion about her strategies and how instances of the lack of technology affected international business success.

Part 2: Objective E and and Enablers 3 and 4 (20 points)

Explain the growth of globalization and discuss two real life cases of 1) how an international food business was successful in a foreign country and 2) how an international food business was not successful in a foreign country. Include in your explanation, compare and contrast their respective strategies and describe their organizational structures and how their structures contributed to their success or failure in the global market place.

Part 3: Objective F and and Enablers 1 and 2 (20 points)

Compare and contrast the differences between exporting, turn-key, licensing, franchising and joint-ventures. Using Hyundai and Kia as actual case studies outline their individual strategies to include the timing for entry into the U.S. market and their success to date.

Part 4: Objective F and and Enablers 3 and 4 (20 points)

Explain using real examples the reasons why some foreign based businesses were successful entering the U.S, market place and why others were not. Include in your explanation the concept of a cross-national strategic alliance and whether or not this type of alliance was used by the successful business and how the use of this type of alliance would have benefited the unsuccessful business.

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