Plate Tectonics - What is the Theory of Plate Tectonics

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Plate Tectonics
  1. What is the Theory of Plate Tectonics?
  2. What are Tectonic plates and what are they made of?
  3. How are the boundaries of tectonic plates drawn?
  4. What are Convection Currents and why are they important to the movement of earth's crust?
  5. What is the Asthenosphere?
  6. What are the different types of plate boundaries?
  7. Why would Rift Valleys or Ridges form?
  8. What are the three types of convergent boundaries and how are they different?
  9. What are the landforms (above and below water) that are associated with the different plate boundaries?
  10. What are Accreted Terranes and how do they form?
  11. What is unique about a Transform Fault?
  12. Do Planet Earth's tectonic plates really move at the speed of a fingernail?
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