Physics 1 (Lab) BC Pre Lab Quiz According to the lab?

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Question 1. According to the lab manual, ∑Fi= 0 is called

A. The lab manual does not name this equation.

B.The translational equilibrium condition.

C.Newton's second law.

D.The rotational equilibrium condition.E.Newton's third law.

Question 2. According to the lab manual, counterclockwise torques are taken as and clockwise torques are taken as.

Question 3. Only two forces act on the object shown in the figure. The forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. True or false: the object is in equilibrium.

Question 4.If an object in translational equilibrium is also in rotational equilibrium about a given rotational axis, it will be in rotational equilibrium about any other axis.

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according to the lab manual? fi = 0 is called

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