Opposition Evaluation: Same-Sex Marriage

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Opposition Evaluation: Same-Sex Marriage
Select a contemporary issue that has polarizing viewpoints, such as environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, same-sex marriage, worker's rights, immigration, and so forth.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper, describing how politically powerful factions compete in policy decisions and debate issues. You could examine environmentalists versus big business or alternate energy sources versus more oil drilling.

Provide your assessment of whether or not the opposition you described has contributed to a healthy debate. Consider the following questions:

o Has the opposition moved toward consensus or polarization in public opinion?

o Are either or both leaving the national interest aside in favor of their own?

o What is your conclusion about the best answer to the issue?

Evaluate theoretical perspectives, such as pluralism, state autonomy, or elitism, and explain factionalism in support of and opposition to your issue.

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