need help with MKT 121, MKT 230, MKT 310, MKT 330

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PLEASE READ BEFORE REPLYING!  I am looking for a tutor who has already done these assignments through cal coast university.  HAVE NO INTEREST IF YOU HAVE NOT!  paying 10 dollars for the 25 question quizzes which there is 12, and 30 dollars for the 100 question quizzes which there is 4, so there is easy money to be made here if you already have these assignments and passes, BUT YOU CANNOT JUST GOOGLE THE ANSWERS, YOU WILL GUARENTEE ME AN F IF YOU DO SO.  AND TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT JUST TELLINGME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR, YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE ME WITH ONE QUIZ THAT'S ALREADY DONE OR EVEN A GRADED SHEET FROM THE UNIVERSITY.  NOT TRYING TO BE PUSHY, BUT I DO NOT ENJOY PAYING FOR FAILING GRADES
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