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Select one jazz composer that is not covered in the course text. MAY NOT USE THE FOLLOWING COMPOSERS (These are all in the text:  Scott Joplin, Sippie Wallace, Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Louis Armstrong, and Jelly Roll Morton ,Sidney Bechet, Joe "KIng" Oliver, Buddy Bolden, Bunk Johnson, Kid Ory, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, John Coltrane.  .)

Write the post from the perspective of the chosen composer. Discuss the style of his or her music.Explain how this composer influenced the development of jazz.  Also show how his or her contributions have impacted popular American music. Write from the composer's perspective. Do not just include a biography of the composer. The focus is to be on the style of music, contributions to the evolution of jazz music, and the impact this composer's music has had on popular American music. Include a YouTube link featuring a performance of the composer's music. Write in your own words.  Cite all sources. Initial posts are to be a minimum of 250 words

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