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1) An average company will lose what percentage of its customers every five years?
A) 50%
B) 75%
C) 23%
D) None of the above
2) Customer recovery is best defined as
A) The effort to satisfy unhappy customers to prevent their leaving.
B) Getting back customers who have defected to another business.
C) Both A and B
D) Neither A nor B
3) Managers who thought they did know their company’s loss rates said they lost how many customers every year?
A) 3-4%
B) 9-11%
C) 7-8%
D) 9-13%
4) Deciding that the customer is always right is
A) Less effective than deciding to always solve the problem.
B) Difficult to do, but important.
C) The best way to keep customers loyal.
D) All of the above
5) Giving something to the customer to make up for the problem they have had is
A) Bad business; it causes them to complain more to get more free stuff.
B) Symbolic atonement.
C) Going to reduce profitability in the long run.
D) None of the above
6) Every person’s primary motivation is
A) Value. B) Money.
C) Pride. D) Self-interest.
7) Positive language conveys more of what than negative language?
A) Information
B) Helpfulness
C) Productive attitude
D) All of the above
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MKT 121 - Customer Service
8) Abrasiveness refers to
A) Attitude.
B) Tone of voice.
C). A way of dressing
D) Irritating manner or tone
9) To avoid the “blanket tone” you should
A) Use words that convey emotion.
B) Express ideas in terms of individual benefit.
C) Vary your pitch and rate.
D) All of the above
10) One way to build customer loyalty is
A) Provide exceptional perceptions of value.
B) Use reverse attribution theory to create enhanced value.
C) Use promotional giveaways.
D) All of the above
11) Intrinsic value arises from
A) The perception of value by the customer.
B) The core product or service itself.
C) The emphasis on product value by the provider.
D) All of the above
12) Which of the following examples is NOT an example of something a company can do to enhance extrinsic value?
A) Multiple varieties
B) Guarantees
C) Packaging
D) Add-ons
13) Industrial intimacy
A) Comes from better understanding the specific needs and wants of customers.
B) Comes from focusing on what is important to the customer.
C) Means allowing customers to select from menus of product characteristics.
D) All of the above
Unit 3 Examination
MKT 121 - Customer Service
14) Smart companies connect with their customers through
A) Experiences.
B) The Internet.
C) Targeted advertising.
D) All of the above
15) Small companies can compete against larger ones if they offer
A) A feeling of comfort and fit.
B) Competitive pricing.
C) Add-ons.
D) None of the above
16) Customers of online stores have come to expect e-tailers to send immediate email acknowledgements showing
A) Costs.
B) Status of the order.
C) Shipping dates.
D) All of the above
17) Clear business communication means
A) Avoid being abrupt.
B) Using jargon.
C) Not sing stock numbers or abbreviations.
D) All of the above
18) Which of the following failings is NOT a hindrance to clear communication?
A) Failure to express appreciation
B) Failure to provide a reasonable explanation
C) Failure to offer an alternative solution
D) Failure to get to the point
19) Critical actions in E-commerce include
A) Honoring the customer feedback loop.
B) Making customer support easily accessible.
C) Both A and B
D) Neither A nor B.
Unit 3 Examination
MKT 121 - Customer Service
20) If several people are asking the same question, you have
A) An information problem.
B) An opening for superior customer service.
C) Parallel information deficiency.
D) All of the above
21) Many companies fall into the trap of
A) Over-promising and under-delivering.
B) Emphasizing value over convenience to the customer.
C) Under-promising and over-delivering.
D) Emphasizing savings over long-term value.
22) The best way to win customer loyalty is to
A) Emphasize that your company is the industry leader.
B) Emphasize that some variables are out of your control.
C) Set a time expectation that you know you can beat.
D) Set time expectations by promising quick service and hoping for the best.
23) How long do Americans want to spend preparing a meal?
A) No more than 10 minutes
B) No more than 15 minutes
C) No more than 30 minutes
D) No more than 25 minutes
24) A way to reduce waiting time is to
A) Encourage customers to come in at times that are typically slow.
B) Plan for seasonal demands.
C) Anticipate peak-load times and plan staffing accordingly.
D) All of the above
25) Which of the following is NOT an issue in customer wait times
A) How long you plan for the customer to wait.
B) How long the customer perceives the wait to be.
C) How long the customer is waiting.
D) All of the above

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