MAT 240-randomly selected 6 fathers who have adult male

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 randomly selected 6 fathers who have adult male children.  recorded the height of both the father and son in inches and obtained the accompanying data.

Observation 1 2 3 4 5 6

Height Fathers (inches), X, 69.6 67.8 70.5 67.1 73.3 70.7

Height Sons (inches), Y, 73.8 70.2 66.9 68.0 69.7 76.1

Are sons taller than their? fathers using the?=0.1level of significance. Note that a normal probability plot and boxplot of the data indicate that the differences are approximately normally distributed with no outliers.What is the correct null and alternative hypotheses, Let d, = Yi, - X, Also how would to compute the P-value? reject the H0?

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