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61)To be successful at marketing, companies must effectively turn marketing planning into
A) marketing analysis
B) marketing implementation C) marketing control
D) marketing audits
E) marketing budgeting
62)Under the ________ organizational format of marketing departments, different marketing
activities are headed by a specialist such as a sales manager, advertising manager, marketing
research manager, or customer-service manager.
A) geographic
B) product management C) market management D) customer-centered E) functional
63)Modern marketing departments are arranged in all of the following ways, EXCEPT which
A) functional organization
B) market management organization C) product management organization D) geographic
E) strategic management organization
64)The ________ organizational format was first used by Procter and Gamble in 1929.
B)market management
D)product management
E)customer management
65) The ________ organizational system's main advantage is that the company is organized
around the needs of specific market segments.
A)product management
B)market management
C)geographic management
D)vertical management
E)functional management
66)An increasingly large number of firms are changing their organizational focus from
________ to ________.
A) product management; functional management B) product management; geographic
C) brand management; customer relationship management D) geographic management;
functional management
E) global management; regional management
67)Evaluating the results of marketing strategies and plans and taking corrective action to ensure
that objectives are attained is called ________.
A) marketing control B) strategic control C) operating control
D) developmental control E) efficiency
68)The marketing control process entails the following steps in order: setting goals, ________,
evaluating performance, and ________.
A) evaluating goals; measuring performance B) achieving goals; measuring performance
C) taking corrective action; measuring performance D) measuring performance; taking corrective
action E) taking corrective action; following up
69)Which of the following is NOT a step in the marketing control process?
A)setting goals
B)measuring performance
C)taking corrective action
D)defining the mission
E)evaluating the causes of gaps between expected and actual performance
70)Ensuring that the company achieves the sales, profits, and other goals set out in its annual
marketing plan is the purpose of ________.
A) marketing control B) operating control C) strategic control D) anticipatory control E) a
marketing audit
71)________ involves looking at whether a company's basic strategies are well matched to its
A) Operating control
B) Market management organization C) Marketing control
D) Strategic control E) Distribution
72)Which of the following is a tool for monitoring strategic marketing performance?
A)a marketing plan
B)a marketing dashboard
C)a customer management organization
D)a product differentiation
E)a value delivery network
73) Which of the following measures the profits generated by investments in marketing
A)SWOT analysis
B)marketing audits
C)executive summaries
D)marketing ROI
74)Which of the following would NOT be a useful tool for determining marketing ROI? A) a
marketing dashboard
B) brand awareness C) market share D) SWOT analysis
E) customer lifetime value
75)Which of the following is NOT a customer-centered measure of marketing impact? A)
customer management
B) customer acquisition C) customer equity
D) customer retention
E) customer lifetime value
76)ABC Fortunes has just developed a formal statement of its purpose. This firm has put
together a mission statement.
77)Mission statements should be realistic and general in nature.
78) Mission statements should both fit the market environment and be motivating.
79)At America Online, "we create customer connectivity, anytime, anywhere," is a product-
oriented mission.
80)"At Nike, we sell shoes" is a market-oriented business definition.
81)A firm's mission statement should be the basis for both its business and marketing objectives.:
82)The primary activity in strategic planning is goal setting.
83)When designing business portfolios, most companies are well advised to add a broad range of
products and businesses to their organization.
84)In the BCG matrix, "dogs" by definition are businesses and products that do not generate
enough cash to maintain themselves.
85)More and more companies involve only upper-level management teams in strategic planning.
86)Though companies need to grow to compete effectively and satisfy their stakeholders, growth
itself should not be a company's objective.
87)The growth strategy of diversification involves offering modified or new products to current
88)A company should consider downsizing when products of an SBU no longer fit the
company's overall strategy.
89)The marketing department alone cannot produce superior value for customers.
90)A company's value chain is only as strong as its strongest link, or most effective department.
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