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Follow the guidelines of a professional report which includes the following:

The final project for this course is to combine the information gained from a quantitative survey and a qualitative focus group into one cohesive 10 to 15 page, double-spaced report that addresses a research objective.

The cover page can contain graphics. Overall, it should look professional and contain the company name, class name, Professors name, Bellevue University, and date.

Executive Summary page – ¾ of a page maximum, completed last, that provides a summary (not overview) of the entire Project.

Table of Contents page

The body of your paper which contains the quantitative survey portion followed by the qualitative focus group portion concluding with an overall analysis and at least two solid recommendations.

Reference Page – a minimum of six references are required.

Appendices (final survey and tallies; focus group outline and questions plus sample responses from questions)

The assignment needs to be double spaced, 12 pt. font.

Sub-titles need to be italicized (on a separate line) reflecting the subject being discussed and used appropriately throughout the paper.

The first line of a paragraph needs to be indented five spaces. Paragraphs need to be written in a clear concise manner using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation indicating gained knowledge of the subject matter.

Use APA Endnotes (Author, Date) followed by a period to properly cite all information; for example: (Jones, 2007).

Follow the APA examples in this syllabus for in-text and reference page. APA non-compliance results in a 10 percent loss in total points.

Include an APA reference page, listing all sources used in alphabetical order.

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