Managing Change

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a) Pre-Course Assignment Specification:


You should ideally use the same organisation which will be the focus of your main assignment (see (b) below). Please undertake the following activities:

1. Drawing on the material from chapter 1 of the text briefly categorise and describe the type(s) of change that the organisation has undergone over the past 5 years and is currently undergoing. (for example p.26 – tuning, re-orientation,, adaptation or re-creation)

2. Undertake a brief analysis of the current nature of the external environment facing the organisation. Use the headings Political, Economic, Technological and Socio-Cultural (PEST) to structure your answer. Say whether each factor you identify presents an opportunity to the organization and which presents a threat. Rank these factors in order of their ability to impact the organization.

3. Undertake exercise 3.1 on page 65 of your text.

(make a note below of the indicators that you believe are used to assess whether or not your organisation and your department is effective)

Purpose: Many commercials organisation use profit as one of their main indicators of effectiveness. but this indicator might not apply to all organisation. While financial viability mayy be necessary such as religious orders hospitals might not viewed profit as an indicators but mortality rates.

Stakeholder perspective: profit might be more important to stakeholders than workers.

Deadline: To be handed up to the lecturer at the first class.

Presentation and Length: The document is to be typed and should not exceed four pages in length. Ideally present the data in diagrammatic or tabular form.

Use Harvard referencing

The objective of these lectures is to make students think about how Change Management impacts all of the areas and processes of the firm, and to show how managers can improve their competitive position by employing the theories and practices that are discussed in the text and class.

Topics 1-4: The aim of this first session will be to introduce students to the field of change management. This session will outline the main concepts, frameworks, theories and approaches within the management of change literature. The objective is to understand the nature of organization and why organizational change is an inevitable part of organizational life. Students will learn to recognize the need for change and to initiate the change process.


Part one: the nature of change

1. Patterns of change

2. The process of change

Part two: recognising the need for change and starting the change process

3. Recognizing the need for change

4. Starting the change process

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