Kaplan gb520 Unit 1 assignment 1 and 2

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here are two Assignments during this unit. Read below for full details.

Assignment 1 of 2: Individual Research Paper

Assignment 2 of 2: Case Analysis

Assignment 1 of 2: Individual Research Paper

The research paper will be 8-10 double-spaced pages in length, not including cover page,

Appendices, and References. This paper will be written according to APA Paper style and be

carefully referenced with 8-10 academic references.

Note that this is a research paper where you are being asked to avoid all first -person pronouns and

personal opinion. Your abstract will be included in your page count.

The purpose of this paper is to take a human resource management topic or issue and do an in-depth

review of the current literature on this topic. This is a library research paper and you must use at least

8-10 different credible sources, not including textbooks.

Before your conclusion, you must have a section entitled either “Recommendations for Managers” or

“Implications for Managers” where you explain the significance of what you have found for practicing


Be sure to use credible published sources- and only reliable Internet web sites. Reference your paper

very carefully and tightly. Some examples of appropriate source journals include (among others) HR

Magazine, Academy of Management Perspectives, Personnel Journal, Fortune, SAM, Advanced

Management Journal, Journal of Management, HR Focus, Human Resource Development

Quarterly, The Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, The Journal of Leadership,

Studies, and Organizational Dynamics.

Appearance, punctuation, grammar, neatness, and spelling count. This is to be a professional paper

to receive full credit. This paper should have an introduction, body, conclusion, and reference section.

This paper should also have appropriate headings and sub-headings in the body of the paper. Be

sure to use a title page.

Write transition sentences between sections so that the reader knows where you are going and why.

Academic integrity is of the utmost importance in this term paper. Your paper will be submitted

through turnitin.com which will document any plagiarism, intentional or unintentional. You will submit

the paper to your Instructor in Unit Five who will obtain a report from turnitin.com for review and

grading purposes.

2 | P a g e

You may choose from the list of topics that has been provided to you, or suggest one of your own to

the Instructor.

In Unit One you will provide a one-page summary of the title of your research that is framed in the

form of a research questions, e.g. “Is Sexual Harassment Dead in American? An analysis of Findings

on Sexual Harassment in U.S. Organizations?” You will also provide how you plan to determine the

answer to your research question by providing the activities you will undertake to complete this

research paper.

The Research paper will be an evolving project throughout the term. You will need to start on it right


Due this week: No later than Day 7 of Week 1 the following must be submitted to instructor by the

student via the Dropbox in Unit 1.

You are to consider all the topics that are suggested below or choose one that is HRM related that

you will do your research paper on. This is a graduate level research project and I would expect you

to choose the topic and then do the following:

1. Put the topic in the form of a research question...e.g. “Are Baby Boomers More Loyal than

the Other Three Generations of Workers in America?”

2. What will you do to learn something new about this topic? What will you do to provide the

reader and yourself with new information on this subject?

3. How will go about accomplishing this research paper? What is your plan to get this done?

4. This Assignment should be a minimum of one page in length.

Directions for Submission: Choose your Research Paper topic. Save the document as

Part1_Research Paper .doc. When you are ready, submit your paper to the Unit 1 Research Paper

(Individual) Dropbox.

Research Papers

???? Internet recruiting

???? Staffing Management issues

???? 360 degree Performance evaluations

???? Current trends in performance management

???? Issues related to contract workers

???? Compensation issues

???? Benefit issues

???? Diversity issues

???? Latest Legal issues facing HR and their impact

???? Status of Sexual harassment today

???? Effective orientation and on-boarding programs

3 | P a g e

???? Ethics and Sustainability issues

???? Financial vs. Non-financial incentive programs

???? Organizational and Employee Development issues

???? Safety and Security issues

???? Employee Relations issues

???? The impact of the ADA on HR

???? The impact of FMLA on HR

???? Genetic screening and testing

???? Employee privacy issues

???? Problems and challenges facing women or minorities in achieving executive positions

???? Labor Relations trends

???? Impact of technology on HR policy and practices

???? Executive compensation

???? Workplace violence Workplace bullying

???? Employee loyalty, commitment, and engagement: Meaning and measures over the years

???? The Five Generations of Workers in America Today

???? E-learning in Corporate America

???? Global HR issues

Assignment 2 of 2: Case Analysis

Read the Harvard Business Case Study for Unit 1:

Sind, M., & Yoffie, D.B. (February, 2008) Apple, Inc. (Case Study) Retrieved from Harvard Business

Online website.

Visit Harvard Business Online to acquire the electronic version of the article.

Prepare a Case Analysis on the topic of Strategic Management.

The Case Analysis should be a minimum of 3 pages long, double-spaced. Check for correct spelling,

grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Citations should be in APA style.

Case Analysis Question: What is Strategic Management, and why is it critical to the success of an

organization in meeting its goals and mission?

Your analysis of this case and your written submission should reflect an understanding of the critical

issues of the case; integrate the material covered in the text; and present concise and well-reasoned

justifications for the stance that you take.

Case Analysis Criteria: Your Case Analysis should consist of:

4 | P a g e

? A brief analysis of the situation and pending-decision problem, as presented in the case, and

as relevant to your answer. This should be exceptionally brief and you should assume the

person reading the Assignment is familiar with the details of the case.

? Identification of the major issues surrounding the organization or individuals involved with the


? Identification of alternate courses of action to address the issues identified.

? The decision or recommendation for action, with the appropriate supporting arguments.

? The Case Question is designed to guide the direction of your analysis in the case. Your

analysis should address and ultimately answer the question.

You may discuss your Case Analysis Assignment with the class and Team Members (and you are

encouraged to post on the Discussion Board), but you must submit your own original work.

Case Analysis Tips: Avoid common errors in case analyses, such as:

1. Focusing too heavily on minor issues.

2. Lamenting because of insufficient data in the case and ignoring

creative alternatives.

3. Rehashing of case data — you should assume the reader knows the case.

4. Not appropriately evaluating the quality of the case's data.

5. Obscuring the quantitative analysis, making it difficult to understand.

Typical “minus (-)” grades result from submissions that:

• are late.

• are not well integrated and lack clarity.

• do not address timing issues.

• do not recognize the cost implications or are not practical.

• get carried away with personal biases and are not pertinent to the key issues.

• are not thoroughly proofread and corrected.

Directions for Submission: Before you submit your Case Analysis, you should save your work on

your computer in a location that you will remember. Save the document using the naming convention:


Make sure your document includes:

• Your Name

• Date

• Course Name and Section Number

• Unit Number

• Case Name

• Page Numbers

When you are ready, submit your paper to the Unit 1 Case

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