Johnston MKT120 week 12 quiz

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Question 1

  1. The main advantage of performance indexes is that they make it easier to compare numbers in a performance analysis.

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Question 2

  1. Which of the following statements illustrates the 80/20 rule?

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Question 3

  1. With the contribution-margin approach to marketing cost analysis, all costs are allocated to products, customers, or other categories.

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Question 4

  1. Detailed sales analysis is:

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Question 5

  1. Which of the following observations is true?

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Question 6

  1. Using cost analysis to analyze the money being spent by a firm is analogous to using ____________ to analyze the money coming into the firm.

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Question 7

  1. The "full-cost approach" to marketing cost analysis:

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Question 8

  1. Implementing a strategy is straightforward; there are usually only a limited number of ways things can go wrong.

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Question 9

  1. Which of the following would be the BEST reason to use the "full-cost approach" when comparing the performance of several product managers?

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Question 10

  1. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

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Question 11

  1. The best way to do a sales analysis is to first break down sales by customer type, and then geographic region.

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Question 12

  1. Which of the following statements about a marketing audit is False?

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Question 13

  1. Marketing cost analysis shows that one of Buildco, Inc.'s customers is unprofitable, so Buildco should:

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Question 14

  1. Capitol Enterprises uses the cost-sales ratio to measure the performance of its salespeople. If, in the past year, a salesperson made $800,000 in sales, had travel expenses of $23,000, and received a base salary of $40,000 plus $6,000 in commissions, what was this sales rep's cost-sales ratio (to the nearest whole number percent)?

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Question 15

  1. The contribution-margin approach focuses attention on _____ rather than on ______.

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Question 16

  1. The "contribution-margin approach" to marketing cost analysis:

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Question 17

  1. A marketing manager who wants to analyze the firm's sales should be aware that:

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Question 18

  1. A _____ looks for exceptions or variations from planned performance.

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Question 19

  1. To improve the effectiveness of the marketing control process, the marketing manager should:

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Question 20

  1. A marketing audit is similar to an accounting audit or a personnel audit, which businesses have used for some time.

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