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Hi, this is a separate essay from the one I posted earlier.   I need a solution Asap, contact me for the green light if you got the solution.

The purpose of this assignment is to apply the skills that you have developed in musical description and to use the jazz-related terms to review an actual jazz album. You have been developing these skills in the completion of two Listening Logs so far. Make sure that you separate the factual statements from opinions. There is a place for both in this assignment, but make sure that the reader is aware of your intent.

First, choose an album by one of the jazz artists mentioned in the text. You might use one from your own collection, borrow one from a friend or the library, or even purchase one. [You can use a CD, a cassette, a music download, or even an LP!]

Listen to the album a few times to determine the jazz style or styles that are being played.
Try to group the like songs together (fast, slow, upbeat and positive, introspective, bluesy, whatever).

Describethe album to someone who has not heard it and may be interested in purchasing it.
Make a case for or against someone buying the album. Keep the body of the description factual, but be sure to include your own views and opinions for the end of the paper. As with the listening logs, use factual descriptions to support your opinions.

Focus in on two of the songs in particular. Enter one song into the blank listening log and compare it to another song on the same album. Develop your descriptive skills and mention as many of the jazz-related terms as needed to compare and contrast those two songs.

Research the Internet to find someone else's view of the album. Do you agree or disagree with that reviewer's point of view? Make sure to properly cite the source.

Do not use the course text as a resource for either research assignment. The goal is to go beyond the scope of the class materials for extra support.

Wikipedia is an on-line encyclopedia. Encyclopedias are usually considered to be too general to be used as support for a college paper. There are lots more specific sites out there to be used for solid support.

The following are some areas that you might wish to cover in your review:

  • Who are the jazz artists and who else have they worked with?
  • What other albums have been recorded by this/these artists and how well were they received by the public?
  • When and where was the album recorded? Is it a live show?
  • Are there a mixture of jazz styles played, or are they fairly consistent?
  • What landmark recordings by other artists were recorded around the same time?
  • Does the order of the songs on the album make sense?
  • Is there enough variety in this collection?
  • Is there a consistently high level of playing throughout the album?
  • Are there any particular selections that stand out? Those that you like better than others?
  • How is the overall recorded sound of the album? Is it a transfer from an old LP? Is it clear sounding or muddy? Is the sound congested in the louder passages?

You can focus on any of these questions or others that you can think of.

The review should be at least two word-processed pages in length in addition to the log and be free of grammatical errors. And please use the spell check, remembering that it is often confused by the context in which some of your words are used!

Develop a well-presented point of view supported by an accurate description of what you hear. Use whatever jazz-related terms apply to the music. Do not be afraid of using a term inaccurately, better to jump right into the water and swim!You will get feedback when necessary.

Now go listen to an album and make a case for or against it. Choose an album that you can live with for a few hearings and have fun doing it!

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