It is important to use a control group in an experimental

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  1. It is important to use a control group in an experimental study, because otherwise:
    a.The analysis wouldn’t be accurate.
    b.We would have to rely on a single case study.
    c.It would be impossible to know whether the independent variable had an effect without this point of comparison.
    d.The researcher could make the anthropomorphic error.

An advantage of the clinical method is that it

  1. a.Provides identification of clear cause-and-effect relationships.
    b.Allows information about large numbers of people to be gathered.
    c.Allows prediction.
    d.Allows investigation of rare or unusual problems or events.
  2. The Reeds have five children aged 2, 6, 9, 11, and 14. The median age of the Reed children is:

  1. In an experiment on the effectiveness of an antidepressant, neither the patients nor the researchers know which patients have received placebos and which have received the medication. This is known as a/an _______________ experiment.
    c.Observer effect.
    d.None of the above.

  1. When a participant has an equal chance of being placed in the experimental group and the control group, it is called:
    a.Researcher bias.
    b.Random assignment.
    c.The placebo effect.
    d.Single-blind experiment.
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