Islam in the First World, Religion & Politics

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Islam in the First World, Religion & Politics
1. For a Muslim living in one of the first world countries (e.g. Germany, England, the United States, etc.), how feasible would it be to practice the Five Pillars of Faith? Which of the Five Pillars would be most doable and which would be the most challenging? 

Think of different occupations that would present special obstacles to the practice of the Five Pillars: an emergency room nurse or physician, someone working in a day care center, a sales clerk in a large department store, an attorney, etc., and discuss how someone in these professions might be able to follow the Five Pillars.

2. Religion and politics have been intertwined in various times and places, and to various degrees, throughout human history. How are political and religious concerns related? How are they different? How should the two be coordinated?

3. To what extent can a religious system bring about universal social and political harmony?

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