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What incident caused significant deaths to occur because of a mistaken assumption that a building was on fire because of thick black smoke in a hallway?

The publication "Life Safety from Fire: A Guide for Housing the Elderly" points out that all of the following are links of an interlocked chain of life safety except:

Dr. Bernard Levin is the author of many studies dealing with what aspect of fires?

What individual was recognized as the instigator of master planning for fire service?

Which of the following statements is correct?

Which one of the following measures is not considered a component of fire prevention?

The principles of sound judgment in corrections to remove fire dangers and not to quarrel with the occupants of any building, were part of the training for fire service inspectors in what city and what year?

The acronym for the program that encourages the public to conduct home fire drills is:

By tradition, fire prevention and fire protection in the United States have been primarily _________ government responsibilities

Which of the following is probably a major weakness in fire reaction programs?


Place yourself in a setting with over 200 people in close proximity. As part of your assignment, describe your setting and location. For an unknown reason, there seems to be an atmosphere of panic being created. State in your own words what immediate actions you will take to reduce the possibility of panic. Also, list six positive steps you can perform to reduce the possibility of panic.

Briefly discuss the six fundamental principles in the training of fire inspectors.

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