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The Final Paper assesses the final two Course objectives:

CO-4 Analyze the current trends and manifestations of terrorism and consequent challenges they pose for U.S. national security policies.

CO-5 Apply contemporary theories and methods derived from anti- and counter-terrorism policies to US national security issues.

Explain the role of religion in modern terrorism in the Middle East. Is religion the root cause of the problem or is religion a means by which people legitimize and defend political violence for the sake of pragmatic and political goals? Should US policy be focused on the causes of discontent and violence or should US policy be focused on limiting the negative aspects of religion (Christianity, Judaism, or Islam since all three have been used to justify terrorism by their adherents).

The required length is 4 double-spaced pages. Remember to cite sources in the text with Turabian in-text citations and write a Reference List at the end of your work.

Upload the attachment, labeled yourlastnameFinal.doc or yourlastnameFinal.docx in the Assignment window under the Final Assignment Folder.

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