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New Afghanistan in Africa, ISIL and Terrorism in Blogosphere: Current Trends and Manifestations in Terrorismactivities of the President is to receive a daily intelligence brief. Your task this week is to prepare one where you alert him on the most current trends in terrorism.

A President's Intelligence Brief (PDB) is a specialized type of speech, designed to exchange information or review important details. A PDB needs to be concise, objective and accurate. No personal views, ideology or suggestions are included. You are simply informing the President what is going on, where and who the actors are. For this exercise, youmay consult news sourcesto find out current events. However, you may not substitute outside sources for the assigned readings. Therefore, make sure that your brief includes both, this week's reading content and current events that you found in news sources. Do feel free to 'Google' a PDB to learn how it is written.

Your post must be between 350 and 500 words. Don't forget to usethe TurabianReference Style with in-text citations to reference the course readings and news sources you may use in the text and include a Reference list at the end of your post

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