Inclusion in Education Position Paper- children with special learning needs should be included in mainstream classrooms

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Read two opposing articles concerning whether children with special learning needs should be included in mainstream classrooms or if they should have separate special education classrooms. One author, Giangreco (2007) argues in favor of full inclusion in mainstream classrooms. Kauffman, McGee, and Brigham (2004) argue in favor of separate special education classrooms.
In the second discussion in this unit, you will be presenting your position, arguments, and supporting information on the issue, as well as participating in a debate.
For this assignment, write a 3–4 page paper (not including title and references pages) with your position and arguments that you will be presenting in the Unit 4 discussion, Debate on Inclusion in Education. Then, identify a counterargument from the opposing side (you can choose an argument from the debate or from the readings) and refute it with additional information from your source or sources.
1. Provide an overview of the inclusion in education issue.
2. Present your position.
3. Present at least two arguments that support your position and support them with information from scholarly sources.
4. Present at least one argument in support of the opposing position.
5. Refute that argument with scholarly information.
Use a minimum of two scholarly references to support your position, arguments, and rebuttal. Format your paper according to APA guidelines, including 1-inch margins, double-spacing throughout, Times New Roman 12-point font, a separate title page, and a separate references page. You may use the APA paper template provided in the Resources.

  1.  feel that inclusion is very important as it pertain to special needs students being in a regular classroom setting. In order to be the most beneficial to the children, a teacher should be open to all people, putting aside personal views when working with others. If you should ever feel that you are not capable to meet the needs of an individual from a certain population, it is important to refer that child to a colleague that will be most effective.

  2.  am for inclusion. I feel that everyone should have the right to be helped if needed. Every population should have available resources when seeking assistance.

  3. Morally, I feel that it is important that everyone have access to the necessary resources. Everyone should have the right to get help and to get help from the right professional.
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    independently without the plethora of accommodations and modifications offered.(Kauffman, 2004) ...
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