In which situation would meteorologist typically forecast

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In which situation would meteorologist typically forecast the lowest nighttime minimum temperature? a. cloudy skies and calm winds b. cloudy skies and strong winds c. clear skies and calm winds d. clear skies and strong winds At which of the following locations would you expect to observe the largest annual range of air temperature? a. Houston, Texas b. Tampa, Florida c. Ames, Iowa d. Los Angeles, California 

Which of the following does not help to explain why some of the largest diurnal ranges occur in deserts? a. Few clouds mean that little solar radiation is reflected during the day b. Dry soil means that little solar radiation is used to evaporate water c. Dry air at night promotes the loss of infrared radiation to space. d. Clear skies at night allow the atmosphere to absorb more of the earth's infrared radiation. 

Which of the following cities would have the greatest annual range of average air temperature? a. San Francisco, California b. Richmond, Virginia c. Tampa, Florida d. Lincoln, Nebraska At which city would the least annual range of temperature most likely be observed? a. San Francisco, California b. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania c. Fargo, South Dakota d. Boston, Massachusetts ____ Law States that the amount of energy emitted by an object (per unit area) is proportional to the objects temperature raised to the ____ power. a. Wien' s, 2nd b. The Stefan-Boltzmann, 2nd c. The Stefan-Boltzmann, 4th d. Weins, 4th
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