In this paper you are to identify one sentencing reform/policy that research

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In this paper you are to identify one sentencing reform/policy that research has found to have negative impacts and one that has been found to have positive impacts to date based on the assigned readings and additional research you conducted during this module on sentencing.

To get a sense of the quality of papers that have earned high grades in past semesters review Sample Essay 1 and Sample Essay 2.

See the tips on conducting Academic Research in the Course Resources module for help with using the GSU Libray to find scholarly research articles. For guidance on APA style (including proper formatting of in-text citations and the references list) see the Academic Writing Guide  and the links provided within.


Drawing from assigned readings and the additional research evidence articles and sources you identified you are to write a 5-7 page essay that describes, compares and contrasts the two sentencing policies/reforms you chose.  Note that you are to pick specific policies (like sentencing guidelines or drug courts, for example) and not broad categories of sentencing reforms such as determinant/indeterminate sentencing. Your compare/contrast discussion should center  on the reasons why one had negative impacts and the other had positive impacts.   Your paper must adhere to the formatting and style specified in the assignment check area below.


Structure of the paper should be as follows:


Introductory paragraph

Summary of the ineffective approach, with focus on research finding no/little impact on crime (you may also discuss negative impacts on other outcomes)

Summary of the effective approach, with focus on research finding impacts on reducing crime

Your thoughts on why one worked and the other did not, and what policy makers can draw from this when working on future sentencing reforms

Concluding Paragraph

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