In general, we find that centralized communication networks are least effective when

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2. In general, we find that centralized communication networks are least effective when the
A. company is flat.
B. (Already tried this answer)
C. tasks are simple.
D. tasks are complex.

5. Which one of the following conditions would most likely occur when a company broadens its span of control?
A. Greater centralization
B. Reduced overall sales
C. (Already tried this answer)
D. Increased employee job satisfaction

7. You decide to call Jim in shipping to find out if the Parsons, Inc., order has gone out. You explain that Parsons need the order by Friday. Jim
searches through his computer files for a few moments. "That's P.O. 3440A?" he asks. "Right," you reply. "It went out FedEx on Wednesday," Jim tells you. Jim's question about the P.O. number is XXXXX
A. form of nonverbal communication.
B. form of idea generation.
C. (Already tried this answer)
D. effort to decide to decode your message.

9. The subjects in an experimental group network are more likely to be satisfied if the cubicle arrangements form a
A. circle.
B. (Already tried this answer)
C. wheel.
D. "Y."

14. You and I are both from the same state, and we both love fly-fishing. When you tell me George, whom we both dislike, is probably going to be the next company Vice President, I'm likely to have few, if any, doubts about
A. (Already tried this answer)
B. your perceptual bias.
C. your attractiveness as a person.
D. your credibility.

15. As the firm's top manager, Jeff Brader appointed Baker to manage customer needs and Knight to manage relations with suppliers. These steps indicate that Brader is concerned with his company's
A. environmental dominance.
B. (Already tried this answer)
C. resource dependence.
D. public relations image.

17. A product design is related to adaptability in the same way that a functional design is related to
A. a wide range of products.
B. decentralized coordination.
C. (Already tried this answer)
D. cooperation among departments.

18. Joseph is frustrated and confused with his working conditions. He says, "There are too many bosses here." Joseph probably works for a company with a _____ organizational design.
A. functional
B. product
C. matrix
D. (Already tried this answer)


ABC, Inc. employees 200 people. The company is organized into different departments (for example sales, accounting, and manufacturing) with each department operating virtually autonomously. Within this departmental structure, the span of control is two.

Widget, Inc., also employees 200 people, and its span of control is six. It uses departmental structure, but the distinguishing characteristic is that Widget, Inc. has employed a job redesign effort that tries to integrate the human needs into the demands of the workplace. Thus, while the structure may be the same as that of ABC, Inc., these other characteristics make Widget, Inc. a very different place to work.

12. ABC's departmental design is most indicative of which one of the following types of organizational structures?
A. Project
B. Functional
C. Hybrid
D. (Already tried this answer)

13. From the information, you can conclude that ABC, Inc. is a _____ organization and Widget, Inc. is a _______ organization.
A. tall, flat
B. (Already tried this answer)
C. flat, flat
D. tall, flat

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