Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

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For this assignment, view the following PBS documentary and post your reaction regarding its content:

For this assignment, you will first review the video that is posted in the narrative created for the activity. You will then address the question associated with the video. Your response should adequately convey your opinion regarding the content of the video. As these responses are based on your perspective, you will not need to utilize/cite additional outside sources of information. Your response must consist of a minimum of 5 - 6 well - constructed, complete sentences and the content of your response must sufficiently express your opinion regarding the issue addressed in the video. Responses that do not meet the objectives for this assignment will receive a “0”. Responses considered too brief, too cursory, too short or poorly stated will receive a “0”.

There is no “absolutely right” or “absolutely wrong” response for this assignment. It is expected that the answer you compose be relevant to the content of the video and that your opinion is expressed using a scholarly tone. You should use complete, properly constructed sentences.

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