How does climate change affect the northwest pacific

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How does climate change affect the northwest pacific

  • First draft (15 pts) - After handing in the proposal, you will need to select one of the two questions you put forth in your proposal and decide who will research what part of your question. The first draft should be a complete narrative (not an outline) and contain all the same elements as the final draft. On the draft due date, you will be exchanging papers in your mentor session with the intention of completing a peer review that you will use to revise your first draft. A review rubric will be provided for you during the mentor session. Remember your first and final drafts are works you will complete individually.
  • Final draft (40 pts) - The final draft should contain a one paragraph abstract summarizing your topic and findings. The body of the paper should be 750 words double-spaced (time new roman 12 point type) and be followed by a conclusion and a references cited section with at least five peer-reviewed references. Ideas other than your own should be cited in the text and all figures should be accompanied by captions. (more on this later)

To the scholar: you can finish the final draft first, and then copy and paste some paragraph in the 1st draft(1st draft required two work citizen). plz separate the 1st and final draft in two different document. work cited need APA style.

Be sure include these two resources, then you can pick other three scholar resource by your choice:

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Flood-Induced Travel Disruptions: A Case Study of Portland, Oregon, USARetrieved October 18, 2017, Retrieved from:

Benjamin S.Halpen,Shaun Walbridge. 15 Feb,2008 Retrieved from :

The first draft should be just an outline of the final draft. Make sure you use the two resources provided in the instructions in the first draft

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