HLTH 501-Recent recommendations from a medical association

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Recent recommendations from a medical association stated that 60 minutes of physical activity per day is healthy. A survey of cardiovascular risk factors with a random sample of 50 adults found a mean of 38 minutes per day with a standard deviation of 19 minutes. A one sample t-test of the difference (38 - 60) yielded a p<.001. The researchers decided that sampling error could account for the statistically significant difference between their sample mean and the population mean so they decided to redo the survey with a different but larger random sample of 200 adults. Let's say they found a similar sample mean (38 minutes) and standard deviation (19 minutes). Will they now conclude that physical activity levels are following with recommendations for adults (i.e., test for H0: ?=60, v.s. Ha: ??60)? (Yes orNo) andWhy?

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