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1) Define the characteristics of ethylene oxide to include items noted on pages 154-157 of the text. 2) Define the characteristics of ethylene oxide covering toxicological effects and physiologic effects. 3) Discuss the OSHA exposure standards, personal protective equipment, and correct sampling methodology for ethylene oxide. 4) In this response, you are to use the information for ethylene oxide as it would be found on an MSDS as noted in Figure 7-1 of the text. You are to prepare a brief training program for employees regarding ethylene oxide. This is not to be an outline of material nor is it to be submitted in powerpoint form. This is a written narrative as you are speaking to them to your employees about ETO in a 5-minute training session. What would you say to them? PAPER REQUIREMENTS: This assignment must be presented as a “Word” document in Times New Roman (12) font. Do not include a cover page! But an inserted header with the class number and student’s name is required. The paper margins will be 1” on all sides. Left justification will be used. Double spacing only is required to be used throughout the paper. Papers are to be written in 3rd person perspective. Each heading as noted above is to be used with the student’s response below it. The response is to be in a narrative form in the student’s own words. This is an exercise in which you are to read, digest and process information into your own words, not a cut and paste project. 

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