HCS/465-Health Care Research Utilization

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Resource: Evaluating the Research Process Grading Criteria

Selectone of the articles collected in the Week One Annotated Bibliography assignment.

Write a 1,400- to -1,750-word paper that evaluates the research process within your chosen article.

Explain the research process and what you can assume from the study from the following perspectives:

  • How is the literature review used in this research?
  • What are ethical considerations for data collection?
  • What is the data telling us in terms of statistical analysis?
    • Are the findings statistically significant?
    • Do the conclusions match the results of the study?
    • Do the conclusions answer the research questions in the definition of the problem?
    • Are the conclusions appropriate?
    • Do you have enough information to make a decision on the effectiveness of the study? If so, is it effective?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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